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The Secret to Bulking – Increasing your Appetite

Bulking is a fairly big challenge – especially to hard gainers. Mass appears when you feed your body adequately; the more you want to...

4 Alternatives to Oranges that Provide Vitamin C

Vitamin C repel free radicals that destroy our body healthy cells, heal wounds & keep your immune system strong. Did you know you can get...

Bodybuilding rehab – Strain vs. Sprain

Any fresh injury in bodybuilding must be treated with a well-known protocol – RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. This is what diminishes the inflammation...

Eating too much protein

Weightlifters are constantly bombarded with messages about how important protein is to muscular gains. However, balance is vital and a diet should not be...

When should you replace your trainers

Your fitness shoes are there for a reason: they ensure your comfort and support for every movement you make and have a crucial role...

How to cure golfers and tennis elbow permanently

Tennis elbow and golfers elbow are a result of overuse, prolonged muscular stress, tearing, trauma or inflammation. The two conditions differ by the area...

Do you know your body type?

Your body type plays a big factor in your gains. These are my recommendations for the type of training for the below body types. Ectomorph Long,...

Chinese New Year Workout All you need is 30 minutes, calisthenics workout that will burn around 182 calories. The pump is unreal, try it! ______________________________ Your fitness pal

Post-Autopsy – How and why did bodybuilders Rich Piana & Dallas McCarver die

Premature death of thriving bodybuilders always comes as a shock. Naturally, everyone wonders: was it a drug? Was it a supplement? Was there too...

How a fitness girl celebrates Valentine’s Day You don’t need to be alone this Valentine's Day. Learn more here. ______________________________ Your fitness pal
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My name is Sha. I discovered & actively pursuing natural bodybuilding since 2012. I'm 40-years-young now & this is my journey to be an authority figure in the fitness industry. I've written 420+ articles at this blog and a total of unique visitors (View My Stats) have visited my blog. I hope these articles helps in your own fitness journey.


Singapore Bodybuilding Interview – Amirrudin Ong

Download this interview in PDF format downloads. Name: Amirrudin Ong @ Ong Soon Hua Height: 1.71m Age as of 2015: 28 years old Weight OFF-season: 90kg Competition...



13 May 2018
IFBB Singapore Nationals 2018

If I miss out any, please contact me.


2011 - 66kg
2012 - 78kg
2013 - 79kg
2014 - 82kg
2015 - 78kg
2016 - 79kg
2017 - 74kg


I train out of the Home of Champions, at Anytime Fitness at Kallang Wave Mall. I’m on a 5-day training cycle, 2 off, then repeat.