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Difference between Bodybuilding vs Physique competition

To many, the different terms and categories in the fitness world that refer to body type can be very confusing. Don't make the common...

How exercising on the rowing machine can help with your bodybuilding gains

Do rowing machines really help people build huge muscles? Usually, it's hard to believe, because if we are to look at rowing professional athletes,...

Can Bodybuilding Help My Libido?

You may have heard it at the gym – it's common 'bro talk' to say that bodybuilding increases the libido. Is it more than...

How Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first million

When it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his enviable career, it is often confusing to discuss about what got him fame and money. Since...

Does Lifting Heavy Affect My Joints? – Myth or Fact

Weight training comes with its warnings, which are sadly often ignored. Most people tend to believe that going as hard as possible is the...

What’s the difference between Vitamin D3 vs. Vitamin D2

If you didn't know it by now, there is a huge difference between vitamins D2 and D3. Some people are not even aware there...

Why do I see ‘stars’ after lifting?

You've done your work at the gym, you're feeling pumped, but you're starting to see 'stars' in front of your eyes. These spots of...

Does Coke Zero really have zero calories

Like any other soda, coke is loaded with sugar, and that is bad news for everyone – sugar simply isn't part of a healthy...

The Show Of Strength 2017 – Biggest Fitness Event To Rock Singapore

Register at The Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF) is proud to announce their upcoming event “The Show of Strength” – the biggest...

Increase Your Libido with These Natural Supplements

Whether you're a man or a woman, you naturally want to be able to enjoy your bedroom experience to the maximum, but sometimes the...
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Singapore Bodybuilding Interview – Amirrudin Ong

Download this interview in PDF format downloads. Name: Amirrudin Ong @ Ong Soon Hua Height: 1.71m Age as of 2015: 28 years old Weight OFF-season: 90kg Competition...



27 Aug 2017, Sun
NABBA WFF Grand Prix (Kallang Theatre)

7 Oct 2017, Sat
The Show Of Strength (Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre)

26 Nov 2017, Sun
NABBA WFF Grand Prix (Kallang Theatre)

NABBA WFF Universe (TBC)

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