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Does drinking Green Tea before cardio burn more fats

There are already countless studies revealing the beneficial effects of drinking green tea. Among these, there is the metabolism boosting and the fat burning...

5 Must Buy Whey Protein Shaker Blender In 2018

Protein shake blenders – aren't they all the same? Not quite. Experts will quickly tell you the difference, from sheer capacity and reliability to...

Benefits Of Using Weight Lifting Gloves

Gym accessories are often overlooked by those who believe that it is all about the strength they develop. The truth is that strength takes...

The Don’t and Do List If You Are Bodybuilding

Are you guilty of any of the bodybuilding mistakes below? Check these common wrong paths and correct your strategy, to reach your fitness goals. 1....

When Do I Need A Lifting Strap

A common accessory worn by heavy lifters is the lifting strap, tightly wrapped and secured around their hands and wrists. There are three great...

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Difference between Mesomorph, Endomorph and Ectomorph

Ever wondered why some people are naturally skinny (and they tend to stay so, no matter what they do), while others get fat just...

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4 Wrist Wraps To Look Out For in 2018

Lifting progress is ensured by many small details, also counting the training accessories, like wrist straps. Injuries are real and you can never know...
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My name is Sha. I discovered & actively pursuing natural bodybuilding since 2012. I'm 40-years-young now & this is my journey to be an authority figure in the fitness industry. I've written 420+ articles at this blog and a total of unique visitors (View My Stats) have visited my blog. I hope these articles helps in your own fitness journey.


Singapore Bodybuilding Interview – Amirrudin Ong

Download this interview in PDF format downloads. Name: Amirrudin Ong @ Ong Soon Hua Height: 1.71m Age as of 2015: 28 years old Weight OFF-season: 90kg Competition...



13 May 2018
IFBB Singapore Nationals 2018

If I miss out any, please contact me.


2011 - 66kg
2012 - 78kg
2013 - 79kg
2014 - 82kg
2015 - 78kg
2016 - 79kg
2017 - 74kg


I train out of the Home of Champions, at Anytime Fitness at Kallang Wave Mall. I’m on a 5-day training cycle, 2 off, then repeat.