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Should I get NASM or ACE Personal Trainer Certification

The decision to get personal trainer certification can be motivated by a lot of things. If you have a background in kinesiology or sports...

Does Isometric Training Build Muscles?

Isometric training is not an often discussed topic in the bodybuilding industry, but there are those who firmly believe in its effectiveness. However, since...

Who is Lui Marco?

The online fitness community is without a doubt a large one. There are so many voices in the industry and many of them have...

My hit-and-miss experience with RedMart

RedMart touted themselves "#1 Supermarket Online on the App Store" as evident in their iTunes app webpage. And I do agree, to a certain...

Singapore Team Bags 6 Medals at Olympia Amateur Asia

What a bountiful haul of medals by the Singapore team at Olympia Amateur Asia held in Hong Kong. Gisele Lim won Gold medal and trophy...


ICN WORLDWIDE presents NATLYMPIA – Where the world’s best naturals compete. After the successful first competition in 2017, ICN Worldwide are bringing Natlympia again...

Olympia 2017 Winners

Mr Olympia Phil Heath Mamdouh Elssbiay William Bonac Dexter Jackson Shawn Rhoden   Mr Olympia 212 Flex Lewis Ahmad Ashkanani Jose Raymond David Henry Derek Lunsford   Men's Physique Jeremy Buendia Andre Ferguson Brandon Hendrickson Raymont Edmonds Jeremy Potvin   Women's Physique Juliana Malacarne Jennifer...

Difference between flu, cold and fever & how it affects a bodybuilder

Attempting self-diagnose can be very tricky, but sometimes you just have no chance to get to the doctor. Until you eventually do, you must...

IFBB presence in Singapore bodybuilding

The 2017 Show of Strength is to be held in Singapore and organized by the IFBB affiliate in this country, represented by Singapore Federation...

Difference between Bodybuilding vs Physique competition

To many, the different terms and categories in the fitness world that refer to body type can be very confusing. Don't make the common...
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Singapore Bodybuilding Interview – Amirrudin Ong

Download this interview in PDF format downloads. Name: Amirrudin Ong @ Ong Soon Hua Height: 1.71m Age as of 2015: 28 years old Weight OFF-season: 90kg Competition...



26 Nov 2017, Sun
NABBA WFF Grand Prix (Kallang Theatre)

NABBA WFF Universe (TBC)

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