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Is eating microwave food safe over the long term


While a lot of people use the microwave frequently, possibly daily, to prepare and warm up food, there are some individuals who totally refuse to even one such appliance. It is normal to wonder then why the fear – why do so many choose to stay away from this technological invention? Is there real substance to their concerns?

Microwaves and nutrients

The process is so quick and simple that it is hard not to be jubilant at the idea that a kitchen appliance can get your meals ready in a fraction of the usual time. However, the process is based on dielectric heating, which is a rather unnatural way to process food. Also, the microwaves are absorbed into your food and that’s unnatural too. The nutrients are messed up with and what you get in the end is far from the nourishing meal you expected, although it looks alright. The molecular structures change because of the rapid water molecule rotations and the friction created. As you can imagine, this intense activity alters the nutrients, not just the water.

Important findings

It is a common habit for mothers to warm up milk before giving it to their babies. Breast milk has antibacterial agents that are destroyed by microwaves, as posted in the Pediatrics journal. The publication revealed the findings of researchers who studied frozen human milk samples and their antibodies before and after microwaving. The E-coli bacteria increased 18 times more. Also, Vitamin B 12 gets destroyed, be it in milk, beef or pork (confirmed by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry).

The problem of carcinogens

What the Russian government found is even worse. Microwaved food is usually wrapped in plastic and other such materials that are harmful to human health. BPA, PET, benzene, toluene and more are all chemicals frequently contaminating microwaved food. It’s plain and simple, plastics release carcinogens and that is no news. You can at least control that by employing other kinds of materials.

Why is conventional cooking better?

By boiling, steaming, frying, roasting food, you’re not using complicated, recent-date technology to prepare your meals. Each of the mentioned processes is a natural one. It takes a certain amount of time for the heat or the fire to cook your food. This is what we mean by natural. When you employ something that cooks food so quickly, it does more than to hasten the process; it alters more than it’s supposed to and it’s just not natural.

There is so much more than can be said about microwaving. You can research medical journals and finds that reveal more of its risky effects.

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