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The Great Value in Buying Liquid Egg White vs Normal Eggs


Eggs mean a good quantity of protein without the carbs, plus great nutritive compounds. Intuition may tell you that a whole egg is definitely the best way to integrate this to your diet. However, fitness and bodybuilding resources tend to pay a lot of attention to only a part of the egg – the white. Why is that so?

There is a catch here. While egg yolks may be highly nourishing, these are also fattening. The whites are low in calories and very low in fat, so they are excellent in your weight reduction efforts but also when bulking and cutting. In fact, whites have no fat at all.

Whole eggs are in fact a power food but you need to be careful how you cook them and how many you eat. The limitations may actually get you to eat too few of these to consider that you’re getting enough protein from them. In any case, you’re probably getting too much fat and not enough protein. This is why athletes tend to use only whites.

Consuming only the whites lets you enjoy a great variety of meals and you won’t reach a limit too soon. A common breakfast food for bodybuilders is represented by oatmeal and several egg whites. You will get lean protein for lean muscle mass and will help you get all the macros for the day. It’s all about protein and not much else, which is great news for your bulking ambitions. Whites can be used in sandwiches and omelets and also in baked goods and a lot of mouth-watering recipes. These are even suitable in drinks and smoothies. Therefore, you have countless ways to consume them and it never gets boring.

There is nothing wrong with egg yolks, they’re just making it harder for you to lose weight and may boost your fat intake. If you’re using eggs to reach your protein goal, then by all means you should let go of some of the yolks. Note that the cholesterol itself isn’t much of a danger, since we have the good type here. Trans and saturated fats are much worse for that matter.

As for the costs, these depend on your preferences. You may have your egg whites straight from purchased eggs and then there would be no price difference. However, you may want the packed liquid version for a series of advantages. This way you can get important quantities without any trouble. You may use 10 whites at once. These are also pasteurized so there are no bacteria there. They’re completely safe to eat and can be refrigerated or frozen. Just use them as you please. Besides, there’s no mess, no useless expense and no guilt that you’re not using the yolks. Liquid egg whites are so convenient and very handy. You will find these packed in bottles in supermarkets and sometimes in sports nutrition stores, too.

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