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Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements & Products for 2014


Are you preparing for a new year of fitness and intense training? You can maximize your efforts right from the start if you get the best products to help you out. You won’t be wasting time if you know which supplements are the highest rated or which gym gear works best. The following represent my 2014 picks for the bodybuilding addict. These top buys of 2014 are not only very popular, but also innovative and revolutionary.

Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements and Product for 2014

BSN-Syntha 6

BSN-Syntha 6

The Syntha 6 is concentrated whey protein for building lean muscle. In fact, it contains 22g protein, 10g essential amino acids, and 5g BCAAs, thus being a complex solution to cover the many needs of the bodybuilder. It supports many functions (muscle growth, protein synthesis, nutrition, and weight management and recovery) and is made of high-quality ingredients. If we add that it’s got the exclusive cinnamon bun flavor, you’ll understand why this is easily one of the favorites.


iSatori Bio-Gro

iSatori Bio-Gro

Enhanced with Bio-Active Peptides, the Bio-Gro represents a totally new breed of supplements. It is available in many amazing flavors, so you won’t get bored of it easily. It helps muscle growth through enhanced protein synthesis. Moreover, it’s easy to mix and it reduces recovery time after intense training. It helps in rebuilding muscle faster and accelerating the whole process of protein assimilation. This is one supplement to make your diet really efficient.

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Optimum Nutrition BCAA

Optimum Nutrition BCAA

Whether it is in caps or instant powder form, this supplement is loaded with branched chain amino acids, in a well balanced formula, for lean muscle growth and protections. The elements in it help protect the muscular fibre and prevent its breakdown. It’s a unique formulation and these compounds cannot be created by the body itself with its own resources. Consumers benefit of both anabolic and anticatabolic effects and the compounds are metabolised directly inside the muscles.

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6 Pack Fitness Voyager 500 Backpack

6 Pack Fitness Voyager 500 Backpack
Sturdy and with a very appealing design, this backpack can hold a professional’s gym gear but is also appropriate for technology. Equipped with 6 sealed containers inside and side pockets for ideal load management, the item also has an expandable bottom and perfectly insulated areas so that damp items do not come in contact with the others.

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Self-Myofascial Release Foam Roller

Self-Myofascial Release Foam Roller

When training, proper recuperation is essential in order to grow the muscles and avoid exhaustion. We can easily say that the two stages are equally important. Training and recuperation are made easy through this device. It helps build stronger instead of weaker muscle tissue, which is able to go well through the next training session. Just roll as per the instructions and enjoy the benefits.

It’s a sure bet that your training regimen will be enhanced if you add at least one of these popular aids. Whenever you find something that truly works for you, stick with it.

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