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10 of the Most Aesthetic Physiques of Modern Time


Everyone who steps into the gym has some goal they would wish to accomplish. Some want to lose weight and generally be fitter. Others desire to put on as much muscle mass as possible. Then there are those who wish to carve out a nice, attractive body that is not overly muscular. Unlike the mass monsters we see in today’s professional bodybuilding contests, there is a different kind of physique, one that is can best be described as aesthetic.

Aesthetics is no longer just a subculture in the bodybuilding universe. It has grown to be so much more as now many recreational bodybuilders train with the goal of creating a physique that balances both size and symmetry.

Frank Zane was one of the old school bodybuilders that brought this kind of build on the stage. New generation bodybuilders have further defined that aesthetic ideal, and here are ten of those who have been able to achieve it.

Jeff Seid

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A young achiever, and the youngest IFBB professional in history, Jeff Seid is a familiar name in the industry. With so much success at only the tender age of 20, the future looks for Jeff. He has a clothing line going and continues to actively compete. He was first discovered through BodySpace, Bodybuilding.com social site, and since then, he has grown from strength to strength, literally and figuratively speaking. He has greatly improved his physique since then and it shows.

Helmut Strebl

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Fitness model Helmut Strebl boasts to be one of the most aesthetic physiques for men his age. At slightly over 45 years, Strebl has maintained peak conditioning and has one of the most shredded physiques ever. His journey to fitness began at 16, and in the many years since, he has continued to challenge the limits of his fitness. He cuts down to 4% BF for a competition, which accounts for why he looks so ripped.


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Aziz Shavershian, better known as Zyzz was an Australian bodybuilder and quite the internet sensation. His bold poses and well defined physique helped him assemble a following that still refers to him with awe. Though the curtains fell on him, his legacy still lives on. He is fondly remembered for his easy going nature, and commitment to fitness. He had an enviable physique, and is referenced to by some as the supposed king of aesthetics.

Jaco De Bruyn

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Hailing from South Africa but going on to tour every major continent, Jaco’s modeling career has really been a colorful one. He has a passion for fitness, and abides by three Ds- discipline, dedication and determination. He owns an aesthetic physique, with his trap, delts and back formations being second to none. At 6.0” and 190lbs during the competitive season, Jaco is a force to reckon with in the international fitness modeling industry.

Rob Riches

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A fitness competitor whose very name precedes him, Rob Riches is one of the most popular fitness models presently. With his perfectly sculpted body, he has earned himself a place amongst the elite. An athlete who avidly keeps up with his fan base, Rob Riches maintains a sub 10% bf throughout the year. He has his own site, if you wish to get acquainted with him some more.

Steve Cook

Check out that hat🏈💙!! Throwback Thursday shred life

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Steve Cook is emblematic of the all American boy. He played football through high school but his love for lifting eclipsed his love for sport. Having been brought up in an athletic family, the idea of fitness easily found a home in Steve’s heart, and since his teens, he has been actively lifting. He now packs on an incredible physique, and is always a favorite in any competition he enters.

Lazar Angelov

Considered by many to be the man with the most perfect abs in the world, Lazar Angelov is a celebrated fitness model. With his signature beard and well balanced physique, he is unarguably the fittest person from Bulgaria. He played basketball, joined the military, but his ultimate passion of bodybuilding is what he eventually decided to pursue in his life. His is perhaps the most aesthetic physique in the modern era, if the opinions of his fans are anything to go by.

Greg Plitt

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Known for his hardcore motivational speeches, Greg Plitt is perhaps the face of aesthetics in these modern times. He is one of the most successful fitness models in America, having graced the covers of over 100 fitness magazines. At 37 years, he still has a very shredded physique and remains active in the diverse world of bodybuilding. He is the face of aesthetic fitness in the US and it’s unlikely that his washboard abs will fade away any time soon.

Julien Greux

Julien is a martial artist who has been practicing for over 20 years. With his love of fitness etched in his very genes, he is a man who stays in shape all year round. This is evidenced by his form. He is well-built, but not overly so, and his muscles are very well defined. His physique is very marketable, and this has kept him basking in the limelight since he first stepped into it.

Ulisses Jr

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Ulisses Jr is known to some as the guy with the ideal male physique. He is a man who has strived for physical perfection and has very nearly reached it. There is no finding fault in his silhouette. From his abs, to his arms and delts, Ulisses Jr has balanced out his form in a way few people have been able to. With a very successful competition history and a fan base that grows with each setting sun, Ulisses is symbolic of what true fitness looks like.

These are the men who possess the most aesthetic physiques of our time. Sure, some may have been left out, such as Diego Sebastian, and Max Philisaire, but this does not imply that their achievements are any less significant. The list simply captures those who have grown to be influential in the budding world of aesthetic bodybuilding. And we reckon that it has.

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