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16 of the Most Jacked Celebrities


Fitness inspiration is easy to find online, thanks to the large fitness communities that thrive there. Celebrities provide this inspiration in bigger doses because we get to see their journeys of transformation. Here are some of the celebs who act as inspirations to the followers of fitness:

Ryan Reynolds

Ever since he transitioned from comedic roles to action ones, his physique has never been the same. In his latest incarnation of deadpool, Ryan’s physique is nothing short of a work of art. His abs are especially well chiseled.

Chris Hemsworth

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When he brought the Nordic god Thor to the silver screens, his physique helped sell it completely. His tough workout regimen definitely gave results. One look at his arms and you can agree that he is worthy of yielding mjolnir.

Sylvester Stallone

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Rocky showed what an ideal physique looks like with the visible muscle striations that popped when he got into the ring. This many years later, Sylvester Stallone has not lost any of that epic physical attractiveness.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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His immense stature has been the source of his great success. He is especially inspirational because he has embraced training so much that it has become part of his identity.

Henry Cavill

His is perhaps the most iconic journey of fitness. When the opportunity to become the man of steel came knocking, he embraced it very aggressively. He worked out so hard that his physique did not need any digital modifications as it was indeed perfect.

Tom Hardy

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If there’s one thing Tom Hardy has mastered, it is his body. He gains weight when he needs to and gets shredded with ease. He was imposing when he became bane, and in his more recent role in Mad Max showed what the perfect balance of form and function looks like.

Daniel Craig

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The Bond of our time lives up to the reputation of his predecessors. He was born for the part, thanks in part to his physique. He is evidently muscular, but not overly so to not fit in a slim fitting suit.

Christian Bale

The batman that we grew to love and admire was a success because of how Christian Bale portrayed him. What’s amazing with Bale is that he can lose so much weight to become emaciated, and then pack on the pounds of muscle in a relatively short time.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark has had an admirable physique from his youth. But perhaps it was in pain and gain that he showed that you can pile on the bulk if you stay committed.

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Chris Evans

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His transformation has been discussed in blogs everywhere. His iconic role in Captain America has made him an enduring symbol of fitness.

Jason Statham

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This iconic British action hero has the physique that many admire. His action sequences show just how fit he is. And while he is not too muscular, he still looks very good with his shirt off.

Will Smith

Will has had an enduring physique that seems immune to change or the effects of time. Perhaps this is owed to his dedication to physical fitness; so much so that he sometimes takes fitness vacations with his family.

Hrithik Roshan

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He might not be very popular outside Bollywood circles, but his physique has made him more popular than fellow Hindi actors. He has a set of abs that is very formidable.

Terry Crews

His charm and funny side does not distract from his imposing stature. A known fitness advocate, Terry lifts because he likes it, not because he is required to.

John Abraham

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This former model is one of the top Bollywood actors and it’s easy to see why. Besides his easy going personality, he has a sculpted physique.

Hugh Jackman

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Amongst the many X-Men roles that have received new actors, one has remained constant- wolverine. Hugh Jackman was born to play this part and it’s easy to see why. We have seen his build become increasingly muscular with every appearance. Now that he is destined to play the part one last time, his physique should be nothing short of phenomenal.

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