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20 Minutes Home Workout To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle


It seems impossible (and many have claimed so) that a 20-minute workout would have such great benefits – losing weight and even building muscle. Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness professionals and such have often deemed this as untrue and misleading.

Therefore, is the 20-minute home workouts a simply silly invention or is there some truth behind it? 20 minutes represent a good time length for being active, especially if you exercise at a high intensity. The secret is in the types of exercises you choose, tough. Experts identified those exercises which get to involve and stimulate your whole musculature and yes, 20 minutes of these combined is enough of a time to get you results.

Spiderman Pushups

This pushup variation involves especially your hips and obliques. Stand on the floor as you would do a normal pushup. When you lower your body, bend the elbows to the exterior. Move your right leg outward, bringing the knee close to the elbow. Don’t let the leg touch the floor. This is like a crunch combined with a pushup.

Alternating Side Planks

Start in a standard plank position, facing the floor. Then, slowly shift the weight to your right so that your body rotates. Raise your arm and let your other arm and your toes support the body. Return to the start position and then repeat on your left side, raising your left arm. This is great for core stability and overall strength.

The Body Saw

The body saw is aimed at the mid section, but it develops the triceps and the calves as well. Lie down facing the floor and use your forearms and toes as the only support points. Lift up the rest of your body and hold it in line. Keep this pose and move back and forth as much as you can.

Hip-Thigh Extension

Lying on your back, bent your knees and keep one foot resting on the floor. Extend the other leg as your raise your torso and hips. Keep your arms entirely on the floor as well. Your body must be aligned and the raised leg be in the same direction. Hold the position for a couple of seconds, rest and repeat with the other leg.

Siff Squats

Stand with your feet apart (the same distance as between your shoulders). Hold dumbbells or other weights in your hands as your palms face in, at shoulder level. Lower your hips and lift your heels off the floor, then return to the standing position.


This is a full-body exercise. Begin by standing straight. Then put your hands on the floor and get into a squat position. Extend your legs in the back and bring your chest closer to the floor. After you lower your body, lift it back and quickly jump on your feet. Repeat.

Depending on the weaker and stronger areas of your body (what you can or can’t do many times), you will determine how many reps of each exercise you are able to do.

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