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2015 Arnold Classic Winners


The Arnold Sports Festival, also known as the Arnold Classic, brought to Columbus, Ohio, some of the greatest stars of the planet- fitness gods, bodybuilders, ‘strongest men’, etc. and was a most delightful multidisciplinary event.

There was also a premiere for the 2015 edition of the festival- it was the first time in the history of the festival that competitors in the Men’s and Women’s Physique categories battled for new titles on the Arnold Classic stage. The following will provide you with the event’s highlights.

The 2015 Arnold Classic Trophy

This year, the Arnold classic champion title was given to Dexter Jackson, the man who won the competition in 2013 but also in 2008, 2006 and 2005. The USA star had a definite victory over his co-national Branch Warren, who came in second. The third score belonged to Justin Compton. This year’s top 10 also had Cedric McMillan, Evan Centopani, Roelly Winklaar and Brandon Curry.

Dexter Jackson, known as The Blade, is in the IFBB league and succeeds in getting yet another trophy at the age of 45. His competition weight was of 218 lbs and the judges considered he was at his best conditioning and size ration. He is now considered to have legend status. His bodybuilding accomplishments cover two decades and Dexter Jackson is now becoming the mentor of the new generation of bodybuilders. His first important prize was the third place in the Southern States Championship in 1992. His first Arnold classic was in 1999. In 2008, Jackson was the one to defeat the two-time Mr. Olympia – Jay Cutler. In the same year, he won his first Arnold Classic trophy as well.

2015 Bikini International and Women’s Physique International Winners

Ashley Kaltwasser (USA) was chosen as this year’s number one lady in the Bikini International competition, joined on the podium by Justine Munro from Canada and Janet Layug (USA). The big winners in the Winner’s Physique category are Brasil’s Juliana Malacarne, followed by Dana Linn Bailey and Tycie Coppett of the USA.

Ashley Kaltwasser was indeed the one to shine in this year’s competition. It appears that the bikini division is simply her place to be, ever since she stepped onto the world’s contest grounds. She’s got the right body type, as well as mindset and energy to be in this area. Her first impressive result was the first place in the NPC Natural Northern USA Championships in 2011 and since then climbed to higher levels, eventually winning the 2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Show. Constantly challenging herself, Ashley loves competing and constantly sets a new goal for herself. What has been the most amazing thing so far was how quickly her physical aspect has changed.

Men’s Phisique, Figure International, Fitness International and Other Winners

The contest was focused, as usual, on a whole series of disciplines connected to bodybuilding and fitness, centered on strength, volume and also on standard fitness beauty. Here is a list of the winners of all the other categories that we didn’t mention above:

  • Arnold Men’s Physique: Sadik Hadzovic (USA)
  • Figure International: Camala Rodriguez-McClure (USA)
  • Fitness International: Oksana Grishina (Russia)
  • Arnold Classic 212: Jose Raymond (USA)

The Arnold Sports Festival was held March 5th – 8th. With Mr. Olympia being the most prestigious title in the bodybuilding world, the Arnold trophy comes in second. A total of 13 men competed for the big title, out of which 11 were in this competition for the first time. Important competitors like Dennis Wolf or Kai Greene chose to focus solely on their Mr. Olympia training. However, the competing athletes put on a wonderful show displaying the results of their hard work.

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