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2016 Top-5 Creatine Supplements


Creatine is used as a dietary supplement to increase physical performance through energizing muscles at a cellular level. It is meant to help with short exercise rounds of high intensity, which call for bursts of power. In its best forms, creatine has a high bioavailability, being easily absorbed and getting into the muscular tissue to ‘feed’ it. It has also a positive effect for the nerves within the body.

If you’re unsure of which brand to choose, we’ve listed the 5 best selling and most reliable ones.

1. USN, Creatine Pure Micronized Powder

USN Creatine Pure Micronized Powder
Check out my review of USN Creatine Pure Micronized Powder.

USN delivers a “readily absorbed” creatine monohydrate in its “purest state” which gives energy to muscles and nerves throughout the body. The product can be taken before and after exercise. This is a crystallized form of creatine to give a serious boost – not just for short, hard exercises, but for the entire workout.

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2. Top Secret Nutrition Micronized Creatine with Cinnulin PF

Top Secret Nutrition Micronized Creatine with Cinnulin PF
Check out my review of Top Secret Nutrition Micronized Creatine with Cinnulin PF.

This high-rated powder is micronized for better absorption and made more effective through Cinnulin PF, a patented cinnamon extract of great strength. It energizes the muscle cells and delays fatigue. The superior results are said to be due to the pairing of creatine with the cinnamon extract. Besides, it’s a surprisingly cheap supplement for what it does and it mixes very well with liquid.

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3. GAT, JetMASS, German Creatine System

GAT JetMASS German Creatine System
Check out my review of GAT JetMASS German Creatine System.

JetMASS volumizes muscles visibly and is based on a superior creatine blend. Easily absorbed and highly energizing, it is backed by celebrity bodybuilders as a supplement for mass and strength, which also speeds up the recovery. The nutrients it delivers to the muscles are immediately used within the tissue, thus repairing it faster. Its electrolyte content helps fight the negative effects of intense training. In addition, its affordability makes it definitely worth trying.

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4. MuscleTech, CreaCore, Double-Strength Concentrated Creatine

MuscleTech CreaCore Double-Strength Concentrated Creatine
Check out my review of MuscleTech CreaCore Double-Strength Concentrated Creatine.

CreaCore belongs to the Pro Series and is a super concentrated, fruit punch flavored creatine powder. The dosage was carefully calibrated based on scientific research and the creatine was derived from multiple sources. One serving is said to double the content usually found in such supplements. This saturates the muscle, pushing it to a higher performance level, as shown by university trials. Besides the creatine monohydrate, there is also the hydrochloride ultra-pure form. The results: increased strength for exercise and increased muscle size.

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5. Universal Nutrition Creatine

Universal Nutrition Creatine
Check out my review of Universal Nutrition Creatine.

This flavorless powder works well in various drinks and has a noticeable effect while training, as it boosts one’s ability to focus, if taken before workouts. In the long run, it gets the muscles to increase in size. It is a supplement that leads to a good muscle pump. The secret is the patented pure creatine monohydrate made in Germany, which is known as the finest creatine powder on the planet. This means it’s not only the easiest to mix, but is also quick to absorb.

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Note that creatine draws water to pump the muscles out, which is why it is vital to hydrate more. Remember to have at least 10 glasses of water per day, if not 12. Also, it may happen to cause diarrhea (very seldom reported though) when combined with BCAAs or other supplements.

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