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2016 Top List for Vitamin D Supplements


Vitamin D is a group of fat soluble vitamins that are mostly responsible for bone health. They are not readily available in the diet, and the main source in the body comes from synthesis in the skin following exposure to the sun. There is no consensus on how much sun one should get to be able to meet their Vitamin D requirements, so the alternative is usually to supplement. Vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, and Vitamin D2 or orgocalciferol are the most relevant to humans, and they are both available as supplements. The best amongst these are:

Doctor’s Best, Best Vitamin D3, 5000IU


This non-GMO, gluten free Vitamin D3 supplement provides the daily requirement of the vitamin in one or two capsules. It is formulated from lanolin, while the capsules are made from gelatin and glycerine. The only other ingredient is extra virgin olive oil. The container has a serving of 180 gummies. Doctor’s Best has the highest vitamin D3 amount per serving, suggesting that it is suitable to those who get little to no sunlight. It’s also the most ideal for winters. It’s among the highly rated supplements in the list, if user reviews are to be trusted.

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Gummi King, Calcium Plus Vitamin D for Kids


This popular supplement combines both forms of Vitamin D (D2&D3) as well as calcium. This ensures that your child is protected from rickets, which is the childhood version of osteomalacia. The gummies are available in six flavours including grapefruit and cherry. It contains no gelatin, gluten, eggs, nuts or artificial flavors and additives. The indication is to take two gummies per day. The container has 30 gummies, and they are suitable for adults too.

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Now Foods, Vitamin D3 High Potency, 1000IU


This Vitamin D3 supplement provides the recommended Vitamin D3 levels in just one softgel. Synthesized from lanolin, Now Vitamin D3 1000 also supports dental health and offers structural support by maintaining bone strength. It is one of the more reasonably priced Vitamin D3 supplements too.

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Rainbow Light, Sunny Gummies Vitamin D3


Easily the most recognizable Vitamin D brand, Rainbow Light Vitamin gummies are tasty, and provide the Vitamin D3 support you need to maintain your structural and immune systems. The supplements are made from natural colors and flavors, and contain no added preservatives or sweeteners. It is also vegan and contains no soy, gluten or eggs. The recommended intake is one gummy per day with meals or between them. The container has 100 servings.

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These are the more widely available Vitamin D3 supplements in the market. Unlike other multivitamin supplements that spark different schools of thought, vitamin D3 supplements are perceived as important. Due to seasonal weather changes and the fact that most of us don’t get direct sunlight exposure, our requirements of the vitamin are in most cases not adequately met. This coupled with the fact that the diet doesn’t meet the aforementioned needs underscores the importance of getting your Vitamin D3 supplements. The products highlighted here will not disappoint.

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