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Start Your 2017 Fitness Journey With Anytime Fitness Kallang Wave


New Year’s resolutions are almost every time about diets and fitness. Who doesn’t want to become a new, improved version of themselves? The freshly starting years seems to be just the right time to make some new habits.

Choosing the right gym is of paramount importance

It’s difficult, though, to commit to a plan. Let’s face it, most people fail. If you never felt inclined to do that, going several times a week to the gym isn’t going to be easy. For this reason, you should pick a gym that motivates you. Not all gym clubs are equal and you need to choose one that makes your task easier, not harder.

Anytime Fitness

It has become a leader of the industry for very good reasons. All of its gyms are open 24/7 all year long and are especially ready to face the wave of newcomers in January. The franchise has extended to any corner of the world, now counting thousands of gyms in various countries and continents. The great news is that a membership is valid everywhere. This means you are allowed to enter any Anytime Fitness gym, wherever you are in the world, wherever you may be traveling. You’ll be pleased to experience the feeling of familiarity.

Advantage of joining Anytime Fitness

The Anytime Fitness Kallang Wave community did a fun mannequin challenge. Watch the video here.

With Anytime Fitness you can have a less bumpy start in your fitness odyssey. Its gyms aren’t so crowded, so you will get to use any equipment that you like, without having to wait for ages. It’s got excellent staff members, who will teach you the gym etiquette. Remember, they are well trained in dealing with newcomers. They also understand what it’s like as you begin to move towards your fitness goals. You can even opt for a personal trainer until you get the grip of things. It will help you achieve results quicker and thus stay motivated, by personalizing your fitness sessions.

singapore-gym-bodybuildingTry out Anytime Fitness gym at Kallang Wave Mall for a free trial. No obligation and no hard selling. Call (+65)88097170. Do mention “Bodybuilding Singapore” as referral to extend your trial date.

Here is one huge advantage to this chain. You can make your schedule however you see fit. Finally, you can work it around your office hours. Whether you’re an early bird with loads of energy in the morning or a night owl, you will be able to go to the gym as you please. The same is valid for when you are traveling abroad. The Anytime Fitness rules are applied everywhere, regardless of location.

The hygiene, cleanliness and safety aspects are well taken care of and we know these factors contribute greatly to how one feels about going to the gym. You will have private bathrooms and showers; all is safe and friendly.

To conclude

Anytime Fitness Kallang Wave members having its annual gathering, a beach party at Sentosa.

Anytime Fitness has more than 2 million members worldwide. When you join as a new member, you get a free personalized plan – the Get Started Plan. You’ll know what to begin with, what works for you and which tools to use. Besides, the Anytime Fitness community will offer you the much needed support, at all times. In no time, you will be speaking about your “fitness family”. This isn’t how the brand promotes itself, but how its clients speak about it.

Come &join Anytime Fitness Kallang Wave community. Call us at 88097170.
More details at https://www.facebook.com/AnytimeFitnessKallangWave/

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