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2018 Best-Bang-For Your-Buck Sports Shaker Bottle


A protein shake to have post workout is considered a must for most bodybuilders but what it also requires is a bottle ideal for the purpose, which will not leak out the shake or let the shake be clumpy. Also, it should be the handy bottle for outdoor and indoor purposes. To narrow down the choice for the health-conscious crowd, the best three shakers are featured below-

Now Foods, Sports, 3 in 1 Sports Shaker Bottle

This attractive bottle available in bright orange and the purple colour is BPA free and made from polymers that are space age. The bottle can store up to 25 ounces of shake and even has a cup at the bottom that is removable to store drink mixes or protein powders, as well as 2 small compartments at the top in the cap to carry pills or additional supplements. The screen of the bottle is built-in to check for clumping of liquids and the bottle is easy to handle with a lid that can be screwed on, making the bottle secure. Also, the bottle is easy to clean, being safe to be cleaned even in the dishwasher. Finally, at less than $5 it is quite a bargain.

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Whey Protein Shaker Blender with 3 Layers Multi-function 500ml BPA-Free Bottle

This bottle scores highly on utility apart from its attractive looks owing to the three built-in compartments present on the multifunctional bottle, which allow storing pills or vitamins and protein powders apart from letting you carry liquids without the fear of spilling. The Whey protein shaker blender comes in two colors – all black and black and white and has a holding capacity of 500 ml. The bottle that is round in shape is made from BPA free PP plastic material, priced at $15 which is quite reasonable compared to other bottles available in the market.

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PROMiXX Original Shaker

To ensure that you get the smoothest protein shake, wherever you may be, a glossy and sleek PROMiXX shaker is the best bet. It comes with a detachable motor which has a high torque along with blades that are X-shaped, to provide the much-needed vortex to blend the whey and protein supplements seamlessly into the liquid without destroying the integrity of the protein structures. The blender is powered by a motor which is 9,000rpm and needs 2 AAA batteries to run it. With a capacity of 650ml, the bottle prevents leaks because of its lid and is made from plastic that is BPA as well as DHEP free. Priced at approximately $19 it is a steal.

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