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3 most common mistakes by newbie bodybuilders


All skills acquired in life have to be learnt. Bodybuilding is a skill too, and like others, there are mistakes that are made before it is perfected. When first starting out, it’s easy to overinflate your expectations or capabilities. Do not walk the way of the crowd, and instead learn of these three common mistakes to avoid them.

1. Impatience

The process of gaining muscle is comparable to a farming system. The garden has to be plowed, the seeds sowed, and later, after tender care, the fruits will be reaped. Note that none of these steps can precede the other. Each one of them must be followed. Similarly, with bodybuilding, results cannot be had until each of the steps has been followed. This means, above all, exercising a lot of patience.

Allow yourself to learn of the different exercises, the proper form, and the number of reps to perform. Learn of how to structure your program to work for you. If you rush from one exercise to another, with disregard to sufficient sets and reps, as well as proper form, you will set yourself up for failure. As much as you are excited, allow your journey to be sequential. Do not expect to see any results within that first month. You might feel different, but you might not look different. Let your passion not die out because this is something every bodybuilder must overcome.

2. Inconsistency

For the newbie bodybuilder, consistency is the biggest test. Those who persevere in the face of delayed onset muscle soreness are the ones who prosper. You should not work through the pain. You have to allow yourself to heal when your muscles hurt. To mitigate how much it hurts, don’t overwhelm yourself as you are starting off. There is no shame in using the lightest weights in the gym. Your journey is yours alone, and trying to compete with intermediate or advanced bodybuilders will have an unhappy ending.

You have to hit the gym as often as you can. When soreness is no longer as off-putting, increase the number of sessions you do in a week. The consistency stretches to the weights as well. When you find that you are lifting a formerly heavy weight with ease, increase the load. This is how muscles are built.

3. Poor Diet

The bulk of the work might be done in the weight room, but victory is only guaranteed if you learn to eat right. That thing called junk food has to be long forgotten. Expand your dietary choices to cover complex carbohydrates, leafy greens, dairy, nuts and seeds. Your intake of protein should increase, together with the consistency in which you take it, and all other foods. Four to six smaller meals are ideal and outdo the three large meals when it comes to obtaining results. As a newbie, forget about supplements as your diet can sufficiently meet your nutritional needs.

Be kind to yourself, and allow the learning process to take place as you continue on your bodybuilding journey. Soon enough, you will look back and both laugh and celebrate how naive you were.

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