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3 Processed Bro-Foods that Bodybuilders Approve


You must have been hearing way too many times that processed foods will not help you get your macros, nor make your body function well and stay fit. This is because these are usually high in bad carbs and sugars that will mostly get you fat. At the same time, you are probably reluctant to gym bros saying how you can safely eat some processed food and still see the desired results.

Luckily, experienced bodybuilders are aware of all the good and the bad foods and they can recommend some processed foods that won’t ruin your plans. Go beyond the dietary prejudices and you will be convinced that a processed meal or snack is not quite a villain. Below, you will read about three general types of what we call processed foods that are actually good to have in your diet.

1. Dried foods

Yes, dried means processed, too. Sometimes you have some salt or sugar added, or anything, to preserve this or make it tastier. Still, dried food isn’t bad for you. Consider having dried beans, seeds, vegetables etc. Usually, they will still be packing loads of nutritious elements. Buy dried foods.

2. Cooked or processed vegetables

With some foods, it’s better to cook them. This ‘tames’ some of the acid or fiber, making them easier on your digestion. Also, cooking makes them more readily available as nutrients, thus making you able to extract more. Canned or frozen vegetables are very good as well, not to mention the convenience.

3. Low-fat snacks

Whether it is beef jerky or a protein bar, although it has some sodium, it will be good as long as it’s not loaded with unhealthy fats or too much sugar. You can certainly enjoy these snacks, especially the high-calorie bars that boost your nutrition efforts.

‘Processed’ isn’t bad in itself. It’s all about what the food contains. It may have loads of artificial fillers or just the natural ingredients. It may be frozen or overly cooked at high temperatures and in loads of oil. Your discernment and knowledge will help you understand the labels and make a smart choice.

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