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3 Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fat


Abdominal fat can be so stubborn that a proper diet and exercise won’t melt it away, even when the method works for the rest of your body. This is because this area is directly influenced by cortisol production.

The stress hormone is influencing how and where the fat is being stored in the body. When the person is constantly stressed and there’s too much cortisol, the fat simply accumulates in layers and stays there. Have your cortisol levels checked and if they’re high you may want to look for relaxation means at first.

To reach your goal eventually and slim down belly down while increasing lean mass, learn the following methods to blast belly fat like never before:

1. Switch to this type of workout

You need to switch to short but intense workouts if you are training hard. This is because exercising is also a form of stress to your body and when it lasts, cortisol is being produced in great amounts. To avoid this, keep it short. This will keep you lean without boosting cortisol production. Also, intense workouts speed up your metabolism. Focus on resistance and strength training exercises. You may as well incorporate interval training, because it helps reduce fat and also the resistance to insulin, which is often to blame when stubborn belly fat exists.

2. The fat that actually helps

You wouldn’t think of supplementing with fat when you want to get rid of adipose layers. Surprising as it is, if you get plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids you will lose weight. Oils rich in Omega-3 tend to reduce stress levels and also decrease cortisol production. Four grams of fish oil a say, as suggested by a study, are enough to provide you with the essential fatty acids. You may take these from supplements or from foods like fatty fish, flax seeds, chia or nuts.

Don’t run away from fats completely. Base your diet on whole foods, such as whole milk. This will be food for you. When you consume whole foods, you don’t have to worry about those evil trans-fats, because those are usually found in processed products and not in natural ones.

3. Control your alcohol and fiber intake

Alcohol in small quantities is no big issue, but when it’s consumed too often, or you have too much of it, it affects the way you metabolize food. Wine in particular has a strange effect on the abdomen. It’s been observed that it increases belly size when the rest of the body doesn’t fatten up.

As for the fiber, you should get more of it to reduce your circumference. Fiber has an important role in blood glucose regulation. It makes the carbs you digest turn into glucose at a slower rate, thus preventing a blood sugar spike. Insulin levels therefore decrease when your fiber intake is improved. This leads to less fat being stored.

It’s not hard, it only takes commitment. By minding the steps above you can lose belly fat without compromising your lean muscle gains or depriving your body from the nourishment it needs.

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