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4 Best Shoes For Weightlifting


It’s been said that you can tell a lot about an athlete’s level just by looking at the shoes they’re wearing at the gym. Buying a pair of sports shoes is not enough – you need to understand your needs and find something suitable, to offer you the needed support without hindering your moves. It helps to know which brands out there can provide you with the best.

Beast Genetics International Train Elite Lifting Shoes

Beast Genetics International Train Elite Lifting Shoes review

Train Elite Lifting Shoes represent the brand’s super light shoes for intense training, now one of its most popular products. With Beast Genetics’ Train Elite you have design and functionality packed together for ultimate quality and comfort. Wearing these will never hinder your daily training routine, as they’re easy to have on and quite flexible too. The model is made for competitors as well as for any serious lifter. Note that the standard pair has two shades of red as dominant color, but you can also find these shoes in their black or white versions. Their most obvious and appealing features are the high cut and the big central logo patch. Also, the soles and their good grip might well impress you. The shoes are versatile enough to suit almost any kind of workout, including crossfit.

Beast Genetics International Train Elite Lifting Shoes review

Ryderwear Raptors G-Force Black Ice

Ryderwear, Raptors G-Force Black Ice review

These Raptors are, first of all, extremely stylish, with their combination of matte and glossy black. They’re also well famed for their flat soles and the extra ankle support. The heels have latex cushioning and overall the materials don’t add any stress. The only issue with these shoes is that finding the right size can be a little tricky. When in doubt, simply go for the higher one. The padded ankle support areas are of great help when performing deadlifts or squats so these can actually improve the quality of your workouts and boost your performance.

Ryderwear Raptors G-Force Black Ice review

Ryderwear Raptors Red

Ryderwear Raptors Red review

If you’re more into what Ryderwear does but you seriously fancy the Best Genetics design, the Raptors Red version might just fascinate you. They have the famous Ryderwear flat soles and good latex heel cushioning to provide you with the much needed support for weightlifting (all-around ankle support). They’re excellent for exercises where you need all the stability you can muster, as the soles are thin and the grip is flawless. These shoes are made of a mixture of microfiber and leather and suit both men and women. There is no padding in excess and no motion limitation.

Ryderwear Raptors Red review

Converse Chucks

Converse Chucks review

A pair of Converse represents an already classic look. Converse Chucks have a minimal lace-up design – they’re the sneakers you can wear everywhere, or almost. What’s different about these unisex shoes when taken to the gym is that they have a thick sole. It shouldn’t worry you, because the grip is exactly what you need. You will like their look, as well as their solid, reliable built. Moreover, the mesh used by Converse can regulate the temperature inside and manage moisture pretty well.

Converse Chucks review

All the gym shoes presented here were especially conceived for the weight room, where you’re expecting a good grip and adequate support instead of bounce. They aren’t necessarily suitable to other types of sports, where requirements may differ greatly.

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