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4 Bodybuilding Supplements in 2015 That You Might Have Missed Out


Whether you’re only starting in 2015 or you are a seasoned bodybuilder looking got new supplements to try, you can benefit of the following. These are 4 of the most efficient yet not so well-known products that can increase performance and gains. They are still largely unknown, so you’d better go ahead and give yourself that edge you’ve wanted.

BCAA+G or BCAA with added L-GlutamineCheck out my BCAA reviews

BCAA supplements enriched with L-Glutamine targets blood fatigue, which manifests itself as low training endurance, long recovery stage, slow muscular growth and generally not enough stamina for exercising. The efficiency of this combination has been proven with young rowing athletes. When you take these two elements together, you experience less post-workout fatigue. A good strategy is to supplement before going to the gym and starting your high intensity workouts. It will improve the immune function and also lower the usual inflammatory response in the body after increased effort.

Beta AlanineBuy Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine has been subject to serious studies carried out by universities, but there is also plenty of evidence everywhere else that shows it works. This non-essential amino acid does not get into protein building processes but does increase muscle power and strength, leading also to lean mass gains, allowing you to train longer and more efficiently, whether it’s cardio or strength training. Moreover, it boosts carnosine synthesis, a constituent of muscular fibers involved in high intensity training, which pumps up the muscles.

Coenzyme Q10Buy Coenzyme Q10

Usually, the Q10 coenzyme is about staying youthful and preventing oxidative stress. In bodybuilding, it is related to fighting fatigue. In general, coenzymes help enzymes be more effective in breaking down food into nutrients. The better these work, the more your body benefits – also in terms of energy. By now, it should be obvious why you need these in your daily diet when bodybuilding. Note that Q10 also triggers weight loss through fat burning so it’s good for the cutting period. The ideal dosage for athletes is of 30 to 90 mg a day but you may go beyond it if your condition calls for it. As an antioxidant, Q10 boosts performance levels and reduces exercise-related fatigue.

Tribulus Buy Tribulus

This one is pretty much unheard of and that’s a shame. The Tribulus terrestris plant comes from Ayurvedic medicine and has entered the bodybuilding world as a supplement that supports muscle gains. It is known to expand the blood vessels so the muscular tissue gets more oxygen. Also, it acts on the hormones, increasing testosterone production. You may take Tribulus in different ways. Some prefer to consume it on an empty stomach and have it one hour (or less) prior to their training sessions. Others mix it with various other supplements or protein powders. Bodybuilders taking Tribulus trust this supplement because they claim it helps them keep their muscle mass while shedding off the fat.

You will find any of these supplements online to order. Also, you may look them up on the web for extensive info on how they work and who’s been getting results.

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