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4 of the Best Bodybuilding Movies You Must Watch


Emerging yourself in the world of bodybuilding doesn’t have to be only about going to fitness centers and reading the stories and books of popular athletes. You may incorporate movies too in your experience. In fact, you will be surprised by how much you can learn from these. It’s not your regular Hollywood flick though. Be a genuine fan and watch the films that matter, those that changed the way bodybuilding is seen – from cult classics to modern productions, each developing on controversial aspects of bodybuilding.

Pumping Iron (1977) – Buy/Watch this movie

Conceived as a docudrama, the movie is focused on the 1975 Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe contests and has a true classic reputation. It all revolves around the fierce competition between Lou Ferrigno and no one else but Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. More stars of that time show up, with Mike Katz being a big part of the story. When this was released, Arnold wasn’t a household name yet and the sport itself was vastly unpopular. Popularity was yet to follow. Eventually, the film led to the fitness trend of the 80’s. The main heroes explain the basics of bodybuilding and focus on both the physical and psychological aspects.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster* (2008) – Buy/Watch this movie

This documentary film talks about performance enhancing through anabolic steroids. It tackles the American Dream. The “*” refers to the sign that indicated athletes on steroids. Besides pro bodybuilders, you also get to hear experts in the medical field, as well as gym center members. All revolves around the use of the aforementioned steroids. Is this cheating or as legitimate way to success? What is legal and what is/should be illegal? Are the health risks real? This is the big, important talk.

Evolution of Bodybuilding (2012) – Buy/Watch this movie

Want a close look at the Mr. Olympia competition? Here it is. This is the documentary on bodybuilding that everyone was waiting for. You’ll get to hear true legends speaking on how they succeeded. Moreover, it shows how the industry has changed in the past half of a century. Besides, what’s more interesting is the different perspective on these drugs – anabolic steroids are seen as too bad when they are clearly not causing addiction, nor threatening anyone’s life.

Generation Iron (2013) – Buy/Watch this movie

Top bodybuilders engaged in a competition against each other – this is what this documentary deals with. It’s got some of the stars held in high esteem today: Kai Greene, Mickey Rourke, Lou Ferrigno, Dennis Wolf, Busta Rhymes, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. The documentary comes from the producer of Pumping Iron and it’s focused on the more recent Mr. Olympia competitions. Written and directed by Vlad Yudin, the movie is about the dedication to pursue one;’s goal, but also about tough rivalry and the struggle of dealing with defeat and ruined reputations.

This is more than entertainment – it’s the story of a sport, as captured in its key moments, an account of real experiences, challenges and victories, which will offer you an insight into the core of the bodybuilding universe.

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