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5 Of The Most Aesthetic Physique Who Are Natty


If you can look big and shredded without the powders and all, you know it brings about a special kind of pride. Being able to say you’re a natty is like having a badge of honor in the world of bodybuilding. Also, it feels like you’re doing so much more for your health, by eating all natural day by day, without any enhanced performance drugs.

Some imagine or complain that going natural cannot generate the same kind of physique that pro lifters have, but real examples show otherwise. Here are five top gym gods whose looks are surely in the game:

Matt Ogus

Screenshot via
Screenshot via https://www.facebook.com/OgusFit

Big, well contoured pecs and a ripped abdomen – you can’t help but gasp at these impressive features, along with the arms volume Matt Ogus has achieved. He did this through a well thought-out plan, involving loads of scientific nutrition knowledge. His efforts were based on a pyramid model, with the base referring to energy balance and macronutrients and the following levels – micronutrients, nutrient timing and, finally, supplements. Matt is one who has proven that flexible dieting (If It Fits Your Macros) can work for real.

Kane Sumabat

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Screenshot via https://www.facebook.com/kane.sumabat

Kane aka Timberworlf could easily appear on any fitness magazine cover you can think of. He manages to attain both goals: volume and definition, thanks to avoiding carbs and exercising with low reps (high intensity). His entire set of abs is simply phenomenal. His diet? Always meeting his macro needs, keeping stable blood sugar levels through small meals and focusing on healthy fats and protein from fish. The most notable supplements he’s used are the green herbal blends. It’s a very permissive diet, however. You’d be surprised to know that his diet is actually low calorie. He’s been training for both aesthetics and function and he’s always simply enjoyed the process, as he claims, instead of just pushing for a goal.

Alberto Nunez

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Screenshot via https://www.instagram.com/nunez3dmj

Unbelievable but yes, it’s true – Nunez is a natty and never took any shortcuts to be in such awesome shape. He took on the hard work that others just don’t feel inclined to do. As for the diet part, he insists on macronutrient timing for losing fat and even water, while protecting the muscles. His routine consisted of 5 small meals with clean carbs, protein and healthy fat. The loads of oats were never missing. In the training department, he allowed himself to go really heavy. What is more surprising is that his dieting has been flexible, enough so to make many doubt him as a natty.

Ray Querido

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Screenshot via https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnlineCoachTube/featured

A star of natural bodybuilding contests, Raymond is impressive and 100% natural. Motivated by his so-called good genetics, he took on basic exercises, along with compound and isolation ones. His diet is surprisingly simple and clean. Besides bulking up, obviously his cutting protocol has done a great job. For this, he prefers a mix of normal cardio and HIIT. His favorite natural supplement seems to be fish oil.

Greg O’Gallagher

Screenshot via https://kinobody.com/

Greg, starter of Kinobody, has also created a huge fitness influence, having an impressive online following. He achieved splendid results through something he calls a balanced lifestyle, with rewarding meals and a minimalist training style. He started his own revolution and now insists on the benefits of maintaining low body fat levels and especially a slim core.

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