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5 Secret Tips To Waking Up Early And Workout


Many of us wish we had the energy to wake up early and start the day with a vigorous workout. Those who can do so feel they can set an excellent pace for their whole day and they get numerous health and fitness benefits, such as a boosted metabolism right from the early hours.

If you don’t know how to beat morning sluggishness, here are five tips to get you out of bed and straight into an energizing workout routine.

1. Prepare an energizing morning routine

It’s not all about setting the alarm clock to wake you up earlier than usual. You have to create the proper environment for a quick wake up, so you can get out as soon as possible and start your workout. Turn on the music (not the soft and quiet type, but loud and invigorating), get the gear you prepared the evening before (pick sports clothes you love to wear, preferably colorful) and have a smoothie with almond milk, fresh fruits and protein powder, for example. Remove the blinds and let the sun shine through the window before you do all these. You absolutely need these elements (energizing music, light, good attire, yummy breakfast) in order to feel more motivated and able to exercise.

2. Keep your phone or alarm clock far from you

Don’t place it on a night stand. The idea is to get up to reach it. Thus, you won’t make the easy gesture of snoozing the alarm, but will have to go out of bed and walk. This is usually enough to make your energy go up, so you’ll feel less tempted to return to sleep. If you’re not yet convinced, you should ask yourself about the benefits. You’ll likely find that it’s best to stay up and avoid getting back in bed.

3. Don’t forget your post-workout snack

Whether you go out in the morning for cardio like running or you hit the gym for a heavier workout, your body will be craving for a consistent treat afterward. Schedule this in advance to stay motivated and look forward to it. A good, healthy snack or brunch will make sure you have the needed energy and nutrients to recover and to carry on with your activities for the day. It will make you feel really good, since it’s the proper reward.

4. Visualize your morning/day

Our brain is an extremely powerful tool. Did it ever happen to you that you were so anxious about an upcoming event that you couldn’t sleep the night before? If right before falling asleep you think about the coming day and all its activities, you program your mind to wake you up and make you enthusiastic about it. The key is to visualize the events, as well as the way you’ll be feeling, with accuracy and in a most positive manner.

5. Have an appropriate breakfast

You need to eat well in the morning, but this doesn’t mean you have to sit down for half an hour. As mentioned before, it can be as easy as a smoothie. Make sure to include protein powder, milk (cow’s or vegan), Greek yogurt, seeds (like chia) and berries.

By implementing the above mentioned tips, you can help yourself become an early riser, even if that’s never been in your nature.

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