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What I Do During Rest Days


Firstly do subscribe to my channel & LIKE this particular video below, as people was looking at me like a self-absorbed moron as I was carrying the GoPro outdoors to record the below video footage. LOL.

This is a slight insight into my life.

I’m on a 7-day training cycle and my rest day happens to be on a Sunday.

I love Sundays as it’s the only day I could wake up without setting an alarm.

There’s four things I would do during this active recovery day.

1) CARDIO – I would firstly wake up to do a 35 minutes fasted cardio in the morning. Watch the video, it has scenes of my beautiful neighbourhood, enjoy. I would then cycle in the evening for 20 minutes on the most difficulty settings. I chose a non-impact exercise to save my joints.

2) CALISTHENICS – Some simple body weight exercises.

3) GROCERY SHOPPING – Stocking up on my meal prep for the coming week. Also Sundays are for preparing my meals.

4) LAUNDRY – My clothes ain’t gonna wash themselves.

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