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Fact or Myth – An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


The conventional piece if wisdom “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may not be entirely true. Still, apples are at least a good preventative factor and support long term health. Besides, these have very important benefits when introduced to a fitness-friendly diet.

Nutrition data gathered from thousands of men and women and compared using thorough study methods has shown that regular consumption of apples leads to fewer prescribed medication. Apples can indeed lower the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but are not all that you need in order to stay in good health. In an overall poor diet and polluted environment, an apple is almost like a drop in an ocean. It does not succeed in keeping illness away for too long. Disease eventually appears due to the other lifestyle factors.

The health benefits of apples cannot be denied though. Moreover, they are essential if you are trying to get vitamins the natural way and at the same time lose weight by eating low calorie foods. Apples are 85% water so they will fill you up quickly. They have soluble fiber that protects your arteries and aids digestion; apples are also high potassium and very rich in antioxidants, which counter the effects of free radicals and oxidation (Vitamin A and E as powerful antioxidant agents). In addition, you get Vitamin C for better immunity, phenols for cholesterol reduction, quercetin against neuro-degenerative disorders and many more. For one apple, the calories are only 80 and you get 20 grams of carbohydrates, some of these being complex ones.

The phytochemicals in apples prevent cell damage and have a very positive synergistic effect. It is much better to get your vitamins this way than resorting to synthetic versions. Research has shown a positive outcome when apple extract was used on various types of cancer such as colon or long cancer. The evidence is provided by the Cornell Study.

If you wonder how apples can help you out with your fitness goals, it’s pretty simple. These fruits can be easily employed in weight loss diets, despite their carb content. Apples can be incorporated to so many snacks – especially to the healthy variety. Eat them with nut butters, with good fats and carbs and so on. Use them as pie filling to lower the calorie count. Apples can even be combined with low fat cheese or simply used as light sauce. Their taste is sweet, light and pleasant, which makes them a great addition to so many dishes – especially to sweets. Try replacing fattening creams, custard and different dips or dressings with apple sauce for more helpful nutrients and fewer calories.

To enjoy all the health benefits, it’s best to consume fresh apples, with their skin on. This is how you get all the best nutrients. A fruit, no matter how nutritious and esteemed, may not be solution to all health issues, but can stave off many medical problems. This is definitely the case with apples, thus making the saying partially true.

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