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Anytime Fitness Singapore Gym – Is It the Gym For You


Anyone who’s had a look at what Anytime Fitness offers is aware of the incredible advantages of this brand. The gym chain has taken over the whole world, helping people do more for their bodies regardless of their lifestyle or schedules – no more excuses! The Anytime Fitness Gyms are open 24/7 and the equipment of each facility is enviable.

Singapore and the fitness industry

In Singapore, the global franchise was welcome with open arms. Since then, it has instilled a new approach to the physically active lifestyle. Its values have been perfected and proven since 2002 in numerous countries.

Access to Anytime Fitness anywhere and anytime in Singapore

With the Singapore locations being in areas with a high population density, it is easy now for anyone to try this gym concept. Fitness buffs as well as total newbies can give it a try, since they have none of the old excuses related to scarcity, distance or inconvenience. Anytime Fitness is easy to reach, not to mention that even when you are traveling you can continue your exercise routine in one of the chain’s gyms. They’re everywhere. The number is expected to go well beyond 100 for Singapore.

singapore-gym-bodybuildingTry out Anytime Fitness gym at Kallang Wave Mall for a free trial. No obligation and no hard selling. Call (+65)88097170. Do mention “Bodybuilding Singapore” as referral to extend your trial date.

If you are still trying to find your perfect fitness place, you will inevitably try an AF facility at some point. Have a good look at it when you do. See the room available, the equipment and its placement, the order and cleanliness. You will find these places to be very convenient – not too big and not too small, totally non-intimidating. It will feel like a home gym, yet will; adhere to the best international standards.

Anytime Fitness is suitable to you when you can’t seem to find any gym club open and when you’re actually free and ready to exercise. It is open all day long and once you get a membership you may simply come in at any time you wish. Inside, you will have all the basic equipment for cardio, as well as for lifting. Anyone is welcome, regardless of their physical training level. What you won’t have are the pools and saunas that you see in bigger gym centers.

Anytime Fitness cost
Let’s talk about the costs, too. At this level, you would expect something expensive. If you opt for an 18-month membership, you pay S$88 per month. With a one-year commitment, the price is at S$98. Watch the changing offers and be the early bird to get a discounted membership in advance. Once you signed up and you are a legitimate member of Anytime Fitness, you can enter any of the brand’s gyms, anywhere in the world. This is excellent for those who are busy traveling the world.

This is Anytime Fitness Kallang Wave gym
This is Anytime Fitness Kallang Wave gym

Join Anytime Fitness to stay fit and healthy

With its affordable prices, numerous and easy to reach locations, decent-sized and airy rooms, the Anytime Fitness facilities eliminate some of the most common complaints of those who would want to commit to a training routine. Also, the staff is very friendly and always willing to talk to new prospects about the advantages of joining. You may even get a tour of the facility – just ask!

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