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Are French Fries really unhealthy?


Who can resist French fries? No matter how great they are though (and a great addition to so many meals), everyone knows they’re not on the healthy side of nutrition.

Are these tempting French fries good for your health?

If you fry these at home, you already know that it takes quite a lot of oil for frying and a large part of it ends up in your stomach. If you buy them from fast food restaurants, then it’s even worse. They often use bad quality oil and even in greater quantities. This is the “bad fat” that we all must stay away from, not to mention the salt often in excess. French fries are deep fried and usually make for such a tempting buy because of their availability, price and taste.

Besides the high fat content, fries also have acrylamide, a compound that is linked to cancer and results with heated oil. Frequent consumption may lead to obesity. In addition, the trans fat and the saturated ones increase bad cholesterol and pose a threat to cardiovascular health. Also, one would be at risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. The US case speaks volumes: obesity and heart disease are soaring. The average of 4 fries portions per person each week is surely to blame for that, especially as Americans rarely consume any other kind of vegetables. The quantity of healthy foods is just too small to counter those ill effects.

Opt for a healthier option. When I have a french fries craving, I would whip out these sweet potatoes. Craving no more.
Opt for a healthier option. When I have a french fries craving, I would whip out these sweet potatoes. Craving no more.

Let’s also talk about the high carbohydrate count. Although not a major risk to health in itself, high carb content can be simply fattening. People who consume a lot of carbs on a daily basis increase their risk of developing cancer or diabetes. Also, too many carbs aren’t good for the heart. It goes without saying, this is no good idea either when you are lifting weight or trying to bulk up. French fries will mostly just increase the fat.

Since we mentioned lifting – gym goers should really do their best to avoid fries. These make people feel tired, lacking energy to go through the day. It’s like a coffee that pumps up your energy levels on the spot but for a short while, leaving you drained after. A carbohydrate bomb will do just the same. It is thus counter-productive when it comes to your gym efforts.

Are there healthier alternatives to French fries?

There are many ways to cook potatoes and enjoy all the taste and nutrition they hold. Of course, not even the best of other recipes can replicate the exact taste of fries. Then, if you must have them this way, at least pay attention to how exactly you cook these. Forget about the stove top and use the oven instead. Cut the potatoes like regular fries and just bake them. This makes all that extra fat unnecessary.

Also, you may want to try sweet potatoes, since these are packed with even better nutrients. The flavor is remarkable and is easy to become addicted. Compare the nutrient profile of the two and you will be easily convinced to give it a try.

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