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How Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first million


When it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his enviable career, it is often confusing to discuss about what got him fame and money. Since he’s been deeply involved in more than just one professional project and one industry, people and even some of his very committed fans have trouble in figuring out what got him there. So, how did he make his first million, to begin with? Was it bodybuilding, was it acting?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in bodybuilding, film, and?

Before acting, there was bodybuilding, and Arnold took it to the professional and competitive level. He already had an impressive count of trophies: five Mr. Universe titles plus seven Mr. Olympia titles. His first notable role was in Conan the Barbarian, a Hollywood-produced film launched in 1982. One might think that his acting gigs helped him make his first million, but that is far from the truth.

Schwarzenegger has been well aware of the drawbacks of being a bodybuilder. Most people involved with it struggled to make a living. The same happened with those who wanted to start acting. That was the moment when he found something else that would yield an income – real estate. It seemed that the star knew just what he had to do. He invested his money in an apartment building and saw the amount multiply along the years. For a full decade, the cash flow was much better than expected.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in real estate

From there, he took it further and purchased more buildings, many of these being in either residential or financial areas of great importance. The real estate moves were his biggest income generator in the 70s – more than bodybuilding or acting would have yielded.

Arnold in film

Arnold Schwarzenegger only began to focus on acting when he had enough money to no longer worry about his future. This is what also allowed him to jump straight at the big roles in Hollywood, instead of getting small, poorly paid ones until he would build his reputation.

Ambition, Hard work and perseverance – the secret behind the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The modest Austrian village boy turned himself into a billionaire mostly through hard work and clever moves. He has never been the type to carefully plan and create intricate strategies. Therefore, people don’t usually turn to him for entrepreneurial advice. One may also call it bravery, because he became rich at a very young age, when most individuals barely even think of it.

Arnold’s ambition and consequent perseverance were the traits that certainly helped him climb up; his first visit to the gym, when he was 13, sparked such interest that he began training as frequently as he could. He was even caught breaking into the facility on weekends to get more done. In any case, it can never be said that ‘luck’ made Arnold’s career and fortune.

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