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I recommend these awesome Lifting Straps


$8.50Bodybuilding Singapore Lifting Strap (23-inch, Padded), a pair of thick padded lifting strap. Fully adjustable & machine washable. High quality stitching. Use promo code 50OFF during checkout to get 50 per cent discount!

$20BiotechUSA: Lifting Straps, straps to ease lifting heavier weights.

$28Manus Power Lifting Strap, high level of durability against heavyweights. Great anti-slip function by rubber.

$32Gorilla Wear Hardcore Lifting Straps will help you lift whatever you desire! The straps are extra thick for heavy duty lifting.

$35Schiek 1000DLS Dowel Lifting Straps, feature plush 1/4″ thick neoprene wrist supports in combination with a 6″ lock-on dowel strap.

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