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Get Ripped With Battle Ropes Workout


The battle ropes workout surely has a tempting name. It sounds like quite a challenge… and it is. This exercise has a most powerful impact on one’s metabolism. At the same time, it gets your entire body involved through its complexity. If you see it performed by others, it certainly catches your eye.

An engaging workout program

Varied and engaging, the battle ropes workout can be fit into any workout program. You get very heavy and thick ropes to work with. These might seem either intimidating or not so useful at first. However, it’s ruthless and it’s very effective. Also, it’s great fun. Just watch the videos on the web showing samples of such exercise. Just by doing the battle ropes workout for 15 minutes you can increase your capacity to handle other types of workouts. Besides, the fat burn rate will stay up for longer. Ideally, the rope should measure 50 feet in length.

Burn your calories with Battle Ropes

The exercise will not cause damage to your joints, even though it sounds rough. It is good as core exercise, which will have an impact on all your movements and help you have more strength. This will also make the spine more stable and able to handle the pressure.

Battling ropes will burn calories, like cardio (running, for example), so you need to take that into consideration. Note that you will be always using your power with this one, instead of stopping all the time, like with other workouts.

The series of Battle Ropes in brief

The first and basic exercise consists of double arm slams and double arm waves, 20 seconds for each. Then, follow with shakes (or lateral waves), also for 20 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds in between each of these rounds.

Now you are ready for part 2. Perform jumping jacks for 20 seconds, rest for 10. The same goes for claps, hip to hip slams and circles.

The third series also grows in complexity. You have to maintain the numbers. Do rope slams and burpees, side shuffles and alternating waves, broad jumps, bunny hops and double arm waves. You may also add chops. Repeat each round as you see fit – the more of an advanced athlete you are, the more you should do.

Major benefits of Battle Ropes

Here are some of the main effects, besides the ones already mentioned:

  • It will strengthen your shoulders and hips, improve the grip, as well as boost your body’s speed and flexibility.
  • The fat loss effect is also there.
  • Keep in mind that this definitely gets your heart rate up, like cardio does.
  • Your legs get a great workout, too.

There are about 20 different exercises to perform with thick ropes. You could also look for other recommended action-and-rest times if the given ones don’t feel suitable to you. In any case, you will find it easy to start, simple because it’s so fun and addictive. Soon, you will love battle ropes because of the benefits and the way these make you look. Your muscles are more defined and you have that strength boost to get you beyond your current limits.

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