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The benefits of Egg White Protein to build Muscles


Muscle building requires a lot of diligent efforts and these are not just limited to the gym and to strenuous workouts. A proper diet which is supplemented with the right sources of proteins and energy providing the ingredients is equally necessary for building muscles and the desired body.

Proteins and its importance for bodybuilding

Proteins are often the main ingredient stressed upon for anyone seeking to build muscles. Proteins are built up of amino acids and they help build new muscle tissues. Also, these assist with the repair of damaged muscle tissues.

Egg whites and its benefits for building muscles

Eggs are considered to be a great source of protein. Egg whites are also referred to as albumen and act as a protective layer for the yolk as well as a source of nutrition for the chick that is growing within the egg. Approximately, 90 percent of the composition within the egg that makes up the egg white consists of water and the remaining ten percent consists of proteins which include albumins, globulins, and mucoproteins. There is close to zero percent of carbohydrates and fats.

Further, egg whites are, apart from being protein-rich, a convenient and pocket-friendly source of protein that can easily be added to the daily diet. Egg whites are highly recommended because they help maintain as well as increase the muscle tissues of the body without the risk of adding additional fat along with it. Egg whites are free of saturated fats and their nutritional value consists of 0.1gm fat, 3.6 gm of protein, 0.2 gm of carbohydrates and 17 calories. This makes egg whites a low calorie, protein rich source that has negligible fat and is ideal for those suffering from high cholesterol. The nutritional content has become them a great choice to maintain the muscle tissues even when undergoing weight loss training.

Egg whites for bodybuilding

Studies have revealed that egg whites help stimulate the growth of muscles and have been shown to increase the synthesis of muscle proteins. The muscle proteins, in turn, help the muscles of the body to grow and to strengthen further, therefore bring a great food source to be included by bodybuilders.

Leucine is an amino acid that is necessary for muscle protein synthesis stimulation post a meal and it is present in high quantity in egg whites. Additionally, the quick digestion of egg protein at a moderate rate aids in increasing amino acid of the plasma. This increase further spurs large response to muscle building, thus making egg whites a great choice for bodybuilding.

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