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Benefits Of Yoga For Bodybuilders


To many bodybuilders, yoga may seem a waste of time or even a laughable activity. It feels too ‘light’ compared to the efforts of a committed bodybuilder. However, results prove that yoga can do wonders for weight lifters.

The many benefits of yoga

It enhances flexibility – First and foremost, yoga is about flexibility. This is something you always need to aim for, especially if you are dealing with a desk job that keeps you seated for hours on end and thus limits your movement in the gym. Yoga practice can thus enhance your bodybuilding efforts through increased flexibility.

It helps you to reduce injury risk – Yoga can reduce your risk of injury significantly. It can also support joint health. Both aspects help you exercise correctly and effectively. If, for example, sitting compromises your mobility, yoga will restore it so you can engage every muscle in your exercises. Your range of motion will be greater, which leads to more complex and rewarding exercises.

It will reduce stiffness – You don’t have to be too advanced to enjoy the benefits of yoga. A few beginners sessions can reduce your stiffness, especially that of joints. You may not realize it, but all the repetitive motions at the gym can also contribute to stiffness. That’s why it’s important to increase your range of motion.

It will help you overcome depression – Yoga is a well-known method to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, too. When you achieve this, you can find in your more motivation and energy to actually commit to regular intense training. Depression can drain your energy and leave you with no will to engage in physical activity. Anxiety can have a similar draining effect.

The role of yoga in bodybuilding

My very own feeble attempt at Yoga. I do try to incorporate Yogi routines as much as I can.
My very own feeble attempt at Yoga. I do try to incorporate Yogi routines as much as I can.

Besides improving flexibility and helping your mood, yoga will also lead to greater functional strength. Thus it has a tremendous practical importance to bodybuilding. In addition, the poses will bring more grace and fluidity to the way you present yourself in competitions. Bodybuilders doing yoga have all noticed how naturally they move and pose and how balanced their body feels.

All in all, you will learn to have a correct body posture at all times. This is by all means essential to a bodybuilder. The core and spine are extremely important in every exercise. When everything is aligned correctly, your muscles reap all the benefits, while your joints are protected and you lower the risk of injuries.

Let’s conclude now

Yoga enhances your body flexibility and posing ability, it lowers your stress levels, fighting anxiety and depression, and it protects you from injury. It brings creativity and fluidity when you compete, keeps your body aligned for good posture and fights the effects of prolonged sitting. In no way it can be detrimental to your bodybuilding efforts.

It isn’t necessary to go to yoga classes, however. It’s easy to understand that a few people actually have the will and the energy to go to yoga as well as to the gym and fit all this into their schedules. For this reason, you can grasp the basics from online videos and try the poses at home. You might feel its positive effects right after the first session.

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