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8 of the Best & Biggest Biceps Developments in Bodybuilding History


Biceps have a special place in bodybuilding. Simply put, they are enthroned as a muscle group. Any newbie in the weight room will try to hit them first. Seasoned bodybuilders continually strive to add inches to theirs.

Perhaps biceps receive this much attention because they are the best illustration of body strength. Big muscular arms have been the emblem of manhood. It is the reason why the most iconic bodybuilding pose is dedicated to showing them off.

We cannot ignore the interest they arouse among women. Sure, you may have some killer carves, or some unworldly quads, but it is the guy with the most outstanding biceps that gets most of the attention from the ladies. Good biceps are not particularly hard to build, but it does take many hours in the weight room.

Great biceps on the other hand require a mix of hard work and great genes. Below are some who had that mix. Entire stories have been told about their monstrous arms, and how they could subdue any beast in a side choke. Perhaps that last part is exaggerated, but the truth remains that their biceps are better than yours.

Here are the personalities that deserve to be regarded as the icons in bodybuilding history:

Paul Dillet – 24 inches

He did not come to the name Freakenstein without a reason. Paul Dillet, at his prime, had some ridiculous dimensions. His biceps, particularly, were the stuff of legend. At 24”, they are some of the biggest in recorded history. He worked triceps and biceps the same day, and reveled in the sight he saw in the mirror after a crazy arm session. Given that he is also taller than average, achieving those godlike arms was an incredible feat, and one that only few has been able to replicate.

Greg Kovacs – 27 inches

A decorated bodybuilder, who at one point, was considered the largest professional in the sport, Greg Kovacs had some superhuman arms. He was seen as the strongest bodybuilder in the world thanks to his enormous size. His biceps were reported to have grown to a jaw-dropping 27” at the peak of his career. He may not have had a very colorful competitive career, but Kovacs will not fade from memory anytime soon. The fact that he possessed some of the biggest biceps in history has earned him the status of a legend.

Manfred Hoeberl – 26 inches

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This less-known Austrian bodybuilder and powerlifter gave Arnold some solid competition in the arms department. His biceps measured 26” when fully pumped, which is a feat by any standards. They were reported to be the biggest in the world at the time, which is an awesome accomplishment to say the least. A series of accidents forced him from both sports, but his arms are still discussed to this very day.

Noah Steere – 25 inches

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A colossal specimen of a man is perhaps the best description for bodybuilder Noah Steere. At 6.6ft tall, and rocking some 25” biceps, it is hard not to feel outshined in his presence. He remains one of the biggest figures in bodybuilding, literally speaking, and with those biceps, it unsurprising.

Jay Cutler – 22.5 inches

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One of the most popular names in bodybuilding also has one of the biggest biceps in the sports history. Jay Cutler’s Olympia titles were not simply bestowed on him. He earned them through sheer hard work. In his prime, Jay has one of the best physiques you will find. His 22.5 inch biceps are a testament to that.

Ronnie Coleman – 22 inches

With eight straight Mr Olympia titles, Ronnie Coleman is a force to reckon with. He has grown to be an inspirational figure in the bodybuilding universe, and continues to actively be a part of it. His physique is without flaw, and his 22 biceps are enormous. He is the kind of bodybuilder that you want to listen to because he obviously knows a lot about muscle building.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 22 inches

You cannot make such a list and live out the legend. Considered by many to be the most iconic name in the sport, Arnold redefined bodybuilding with his physique, and continues to inspire many would-be bodybuilders.

Arnold had one of the best physiques in bodybuilding history, and the same can be said of his arms. At 22 inches, they were not the biggest biceps to have been reported, but they were legendary. His chest might have eclipsed them, but that peak they formed when curled was something you could stare at all day.

Lee Priest – 21.5 inches

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Former bodybuilder Lee Priest was one of the shortest men in the professional leagues. At 5.4” he still managed to pack on an amazing physique. His biceps, at his peak measured 21.5” which is a laudable feat. He is still active in the bodybuilding scene and recently won the NABBA Mr. Universe contest.

These are some of the formidable men who have been immortalized for their physique achievements. While some are more decorated than others, they share in their love for fitness.

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