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Best Cutting Supplements


The cutting season is a time of anxiety for bodybuilders. It is because they have to deal with the fat that they accumulated during the bulking period – sometimes fast, because of competitions they must attend. Sculpting the body to show its every muscles isn’t easy, especially as fat can be stubborn in some areas, for example around the abdomen, keeping your six-pack well hidden.

For these reasons, bodybuilders are constantly on the look for new and more efficient ways to speed up the fat burning process. Because cardio must be limited to short workouts to preserve the muscle tissue, they turn to supplements.

The Cheapest: Caffeine and Green Tea Extract


Why pay loads on sophisticated names and exotic products when you can achieve results so easily and for a cheap price? As long as you don’t overdo it, caffeine can help you dissolve the fat. It works even better when combined with the catechins in the green tea extract. While coffee is well known for its diuretic and metabolism boosting properties, green tea is widely employed in weight loss diets. Moreover, sophisticated concoctions marketed as cutting supplements frequently contain these two.

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Carnitine to Free the Fat

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Carnitine, especially combined with forskolin, goes where the fat is stored and makes it go into the bloodstream. Some cutting gels are based on this action. As you exercise and eat low calorie food, this dislocated fat is efficiently burned. Carnitine has the role of enhancing this effect, as it sends fat right to the mitochondria, where each sell generates its energy. The best ratio is: 1 tp 3 g of carnitine of any kind plus 20 to 50 g of forskolin.

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Spices as Supplements


Spices are powerful, especially those with a strong taste like ginger or pepper. Just like their aroma, their potency is remarkable. Chili or red peppers speeds up the metabolism, thus triggering a fat loss effect. Ginger has a similar effect, along with increasing the production of lactic acid within the muscle. In turn, this stimulates the growth hormone production and boosts lipolysis, all essential in fat loss.

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Amino Acids Supplementation


This was proven as beneficial thanks to its action on both muscle and fat. Amino acids are at the core of proteins and are very useful in gaining muscle mass. At the same time, they get involved in metabolic processes and, as the support the protein, are busting fat by using it as fuel. Take Arginine and Glutamine amino acids with breakfast and before exercise as the best form of supplementation.

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Combos to Maximize Fat Burning

One supplement may do too little for some of us. For this reason, it’s better to combine various supplements. It is essential to know which ones work best, so you don’t combine substances that clash instead of those that make a powerful blend.

Cutting is a big challenge to bodybuilders accustomed to eating frequently and consistently. The hardest is to reduce body fat without endangering the muscular tissue you worked for so hard. It’s safe to start with the supplements presented here; you may always add new ones to your routine as you find what works for you.

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