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Best Quads in Bodybuilding History


Quadriceps is one of the strongest muscles in the body. Their potential for growth is near infinite. No bodybuilder can make a claim for glory without having a massive set of legs. While bodybuilding history remembers the likes of Arnold and Frank Zane, their legs were not as massive. A few bodybuilders in history have brought exceptional thigh development to the stage, and here are four of the greatest.

Tom Platz, the Quadfather

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Tom Platz is a celebrated bodybuilder, and his claim to fame was fueled by his massive quad development. He at one point squatted the heaviest weight of any bodybuilder and the results showed. He came to be known as the quadfather and for good reason. His thighs were not only thick, there were very finely detailed. Even though he carried a worthy physique, his legs stole the show every time he stepped on stage. He is regarded by some, as the owner of the most aesthetic quads in history.

Paul DeMayo, Quadzilla

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Despite the curtains falling on him at the relatively young age of 37, Paul DeMayo left us with something to remember him by- his thighs. Earning himself the nickname quadzilla, DeMayo had some crazy thick legs. The combination of size and conditioning made his quadriceps his best asset. It’s something the whole world became aware of and appreciated.

Warren Branch

Branch Warren is the only named bodybuilder here who is still active. He twice won the Arnold Classic, and continues to compete at the elite level. His thigh development is perhaps his best accomplishment. His leg routines are not for the faint of heart but they do work, seeing how apparent that teardrop formation on his quads is.

Mustafa Mohammad

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Mustafa Mohammad has retired from the stage, but one thing that will forever remain etched in the minds of his fans is his excellent thigh development. For many people, it is the thing he is remembered by. His genetics worked in his favor, and by continually pushing his limits, he developed some of the thickest quads of the past decade. He is no longer active in the bodybuilding scene because of a series of health problems, but he left behind a legacy that we won’t soon forget.

If you need some inspiration for leg day, look no further than these four accomplished athletes. They have set a standard for thigh development that should help you squat more weight than you ever thought you could.

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