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Why Do Big-Sized People Have So Big Calves


Are big calves a part of the genetic makeup in case of big size people?

Is it simply fat or is there more muscle than it’s usually supposed to be?

Calves are often a reason of frustration and concern for gym goers who strive to put on muscle mass all over their body. Whether the reason is skipping leg day or having ‘bad genetics’, many struggle with increasing the size of their calves. Some even begin to think it’s impossible to make these grow like biceps do.

It’s a problematic muscle group, indeed. It’s very frustrating to see your body get big and ripped, while your legs are still tiny and lady-like. Others seem to have size effortlessly. The latter ones are usually endomorphs, meaning people with big-size bodies and big bones too, who put on a lot of weight easily. Chances are these individuals have been oversized for their entire lives. Think about this for a second: they carry all that weight all the time, day by day. It’s about the pundage. The simple act of walking means that they train their calf muscles. It happens even as they move inside the house or go to their car. No one ‘trains’ that much, but they do… simply because they have to walk. This is a solid explanation for the size of their legs and the best one so far. Also, bigger bones mean more muscular mass.

Therefore, part of the credit goes to nature or to genetics, while part goes to everyday effort they cannot skip. Endomorphs also have short tendons, which mean the muscles are longer. This allows for more volume to develop. It isn’t always the case, but it’s a too frequent occurrence to be ignored. In skinny people, tendons are long and the muscles have little room to grow.

Overeating is another reason why such people may have bigger muscles. Those muscles are hidden under adipose layers, but they’re there. Abundant food leads increased weight. The muscles are being well fed, so it’s normal to have them increase.

All in all, it’s a combination of factors, which indeed helps some people have big calves naturally. These are usually the people who accumulate fat easily. Take a naturally skinny person for comparison. They will have a hard time gaining weight and if they do, it’s all around their core. They can develop a big belly, but the arms and legs stay skinny. That is their natural shape and in most cases it cannot be changed.

It’s usually the proportional concerns that motivate people to increase the size of calf muscles. If you’re not genetically gifted, you must rely on diet and training. If you really want your calves to ‘catch on’ and develop just like the rest of your body did, the main secret is to never skip leg day and train properly. Even with that, calves may still be behind. In addition, be careful about your cardio workouts. Any such effort slims down the legs.

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