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5-6 meals a day vs 1-2 meals a day


In a study, from Nagoya University on “Effects of meal frequency on weight loss and body composition” shed some interesting insight.

Japanese researchers tracked a group of 12 boxers for two weeks, with 2 groups consuming 1200 calories per day, of which 60 grams are from protein.

One group consumed only 2 liquid meals per day during breakfast and dinner, which has a 12 hours gap.

The other group ate 6 liquid meals per day, which has a 4 hours gap in between meals.

At the end of 2 weeks study, both groups had lost about a similar amount of weight.

However, there was a difference as for boxers on 2 liquid meals, they lost 8 pounds of muscle and 3 pounds of fat

While the group with 6 liquid meals, lost 5 pounds of muscle and 6 pounds of fat.

This significantly showed the group with higher meal frequency retain more muscle and lost more fat.

However, the study has its limitation as it was a short 2-week study on boxers, the low protein content and use of liquid meals instead of solid meals.

My advice is to experiment, track your progress and if it affects your health or goals, please tweak your meal planning and timing.


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