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Bodybuilder Secrets – Ricecakes


The light, fluffy, thin, diet-suiting ricecakes may never look like something bodybuilders would eat. After all, these are something to rely on when you want to lose weight, not when you bulk up.

The mighty role of ricecakes in a bodybuilders’ diet

Counter-intuitive as it may be, ricecakes are a very good addition to a weight lifter’s diet. Jay Cutler is known to eat ricecakes all the time. To understand this, we need to have a look at the key nutrition factors. Ricecakes can help you get your macros goals. Besides, they’re crunchy and highly enjoyable, not to mention that their neutral taste goes with pretty much anything. If you think there is anything to worry about, just relax – these will never harm a bodybuilder’s diet.

Feed your body with low calorie and less fat, with ricecakes

Usually, one such ricecake has very few calories – between 7 and 30, depending on the size and what else was put in it. It’s best to choose the plain, unflavored type. That is a very poor calorie count indeed, but it will be a source of carbohydrates that will provide you with much needed energy. You get 7 g of carbs and 1 g of protein in one serving. There isn’t much else except some notable quantities of magnesium, potassium, manganese and selenium. The best nutrition aspect is the total lack of fats, however. They also have low sodium content, so your body won’t be retaining extra water. Controlling the sodium intake is essential in ensuring muscle definition.

I am a big fan of rice cakes. I buy them in bulk and cheap at iHerb.
I am a big fan of rice cakes. I buy them in bulk and cheap at iHerb.

Ricecakes represent the ideal snack for those who need the energy from carbs but without the fat and the sugar that get stored and ruin one’s bodybuilding efforts. That would be the main problem of carb-rich snacks and meals, which is successfully avoided with ricecakes. No wonder these have become a well-kept secret of the athletes.

Enjoying ricecakes – How should you have your ricecakes?

  • Some simply like them as they are. Others combine them with protein sources or with healthy fats.
  • While you may use them for sandwiches, you can also make some delicious desserts.
  • Combine ricecakes with peanut butter, avocado, bananas, berries, cranberry sauce etc. Eat these before and after a workout.
  • It is wiser to snack on ricecakes post-workout (as soon as you can), because that is when the body needs a boost of carbs.

Ricecakes can make healthy snack

These can replace the high calorie additions to your meals. For example, if you use a spread like peanut butter, you will have to use something for ‘support’ – bread, crackers, you name it. The trouble with these is that they add to your fat layer, not to your muscles. Thus, you can still enjoy all the benefits of those foods, but without the unnecessary calories, if you choose to have them with ricecakes.

The only downside is that ricecakes are a refined food. As mentioned, they do not offer much in terms of nutrition, because the best parts of the actual rice were stripped down.

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