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Bodybuilders Secret Superfood – Broccoli


It comes as a huge surprise (and very weird statement) to hear that broccoli is a superfood for bodybuilders. After all, it is a food so light – what could it provide to get those muscles pumped?

Amazing facts of broccoli

The best known fact about broccoli is that it can prevent cancer cells from multiplying. To make it more potent, it’s best to eat it with something spicy, like wasabi. It’s a healthy veggie for anyone, regardless of their lifestyle, because it’s got so many important nutrients. First of all, it’s got calcium, which is very important for the proper functioning of muscles, as well as for bone strength. Now you are starting to see the connection with bodybuilding. Besides, you have loads of vitamins, fiber, magnesium and folic acid.

Consume broccoli in a healthier way

Broccoli and its nutrients cocktail will help improve your digestion. It is really precious for a bodybuilder, thinking about the heavy diet that loads the system so much. Besides, it’s got very few calories, so you can indulge without the fear of putting on the dreaded fat. Of course, it, matters how you cook it, so avoid the deep frying or the fatty sauce you may want to add to it. Luckily there are many recipes out there. Most people just boil or steam it. Others eat it raw.

The incredible health benefits of broccoli for bodybuilders

However, none of the above is the reason why broccoli is the vegetable of bodybuilders. The secret lies in its ability to help them recover quicker:

  • When it’s eaten on a frequent basis, broccoli leads to faster recovery times, fewer injuries from heavy lifting and ideal cholesterol levels.
  • It is also anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, so it is of great help to sore muscles.
  • Furthermore, the combination of phytonutrients in it creates a powerful detox effect.
  • The chronic inflammation risk is lowered and the allergies subside.
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Burning fat with broccoli

A compound in broccoli called indole-3 carbinol is estrogen suppressive. This means that you won’t be getting all those estrogen effects, like fat accumulation, and get to experience more of the benefits of testosterone. It will actually burn the fat effectively.

Getting healthier protein with broccoli

Want to hear even better things about broccoli? Let’s get into its protein count, it will surprise you. It has 2.8 grams of protein per 100 grams, it seems. You get this without the fat, the calories and the junk stuff you would be getting from other high-protein foods. It is true that broccoli is comparable to steak when it comes to the protein content, the big difference being that it’s so much healthier. In addition, it has 8 amino acids (it isn’t a complete protein source though, like quinoa or soybeans).

Broccoli – the superfood for bodybuilders

Vegetarian bodybuilders swear by the nutritious properties of broccoli. Their physique is the only proof you need for that. Other than that, researchers found that the best way to have it is by steaming it. Steaming allows one to get the maximum of its nutrients, making these available for proper absorption. Next time you’re shopping for groceries; do not dismiss this green treasure. It’s not just something to add to your meals – it can become one of the most important parts of your meals.

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