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Bodybuilding Benefits of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt


Bodybuilders would agree that to achieve a bulked-up physique, along with rigorous workouts, the right diet with correct ingredients is the deal breaker. An exhausting workout needs to be supplemented with a nutrition rich diet comprising of the right balance of ingredients to aid with the repair of muscles and help grow muscle building tissues. Many think of just proteins as a must-have for building a great body. Proteins are vital and essential for the repair of muscles and are the building blocks needed for further growth of muscles. But apart from proteins, the body also requires other essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. To add to these, the daily diet needs to be changed, and certain substitutions can be made too, like adding Himalayan salt in place of regular table salt.

What is Himalayan salt?

We are all aware that salt is sodium chloride, but actually, salt should not just be composed of sodium chloride; it should be just one of the ingredients while there must be other essential components, such as vitamins and minerals. Himalayan salt is just the answer to replace common table sodium chloride. It is said that before the Himalayan Mountains appeared, there was lava on the surface and the Himalayan salt is mined by hand from under the ground and is therefore rich in minerals. The salt has a natural pinkish color owing to the mineral content and is not processed or bleached in any way. It is consumed in its natural form, thus passing on all the nutrients to the eater.

Benefits of consuming Himalayan salt, especially for bodybuilders

Himalayan salt has a number of benefits, the chief being that it regulates the blood pressure as well as the fluid balance, owing to its rich mineral content, thus keeping the BP in control.

Additionally, the other benefits include:

  • Helps with absorption of ingested food
  • Provides a boost to the body’s energy levels
  • It takes care of swelling in the mucous membranes of the body caused due either due to asthma, environmental pollutants or because of allergies
  • It promotes the health of the sinus, respiratory and vascular system
  • It helps promote health and strength of the bones
  • It prevents the cramping of muscles, which is an advantage for bodybuilders
  • It helps regulate a healthy pattern of sleep as well as the mood
  • It helps take care of excess acidity of the body and at the same time balances the pH
  • It helps maintain a healthy libido
  • It increases the overall immunity of the body

All these advantages are truly what bodybuilders need and must make the switch to Himalayan salt for its benefits.

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