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Bodybuilding Biggest Social Influencer On The Internet


To be an Internet bodybuilding star, it takes a lot of knowledge and desire to share your success with others. It is also needed to know how to coach effectively and, without a doubt, need to possess some serious charisma. The following men certainly possessed these traits and more because they achieved world fame for their bodybuilding channels, sites and programs. Let’s have a look at them.

Rich Piana


Founder of 5% Nutrition, Rich Piana is one of those people who did everything they could do to fulfill their dream. He is one of those 5%. He is one who tries to dispel the fear of taking the hard path to achieve success. Rich was completely honest about his gains and admitted he was on steroids. He also took human growth hormone (HGH) to increase his size. Thus, he achieved some spectacular results and he was completely honest about his ways. Not only the muscles had increased, but also his head, feet etc., had the impact. The changes led to him being called “the supermutant”. At first he was supporting the supplements industry, but then he eventually started doing things on his own and gained a significant number of followers. One of the hottest topics he discussed was that of eating carbs – their importance and often ignored role in building muscle.

Chris Jones’ Physiques of Greatness


Chris Jones and his Phisiques of Greatness won the internet. He is the one willing to answer questions and coach individually, according to the various fitness goals. He is a truly efficient professional! You will find him on his Beast Coaching Mode website and access his training programs and meal plans, all for very decent prices. Chris Jones’ ripped body will quickly convince you. For his YouTube channel he partnered up with Vince Garza and none of them was afraid to be different in that field. His videos are fun to watch and full of practical advice not only on training, but also on matters like choosing a restaurant meal or how to cook at home.

Mike Rashid


Combat athlete and bodybuilder, Mike Rashid is impressive in every bit. Every muscle is sculpted to perfection. He’s got what is called “the Photoshop look” and that comes in contrast with his claims that he’s a natural bodybuilder. Anyhow, he is a supporter of overtraining, but he’s certainly following some healthy rules when at it. People benefit of his warm-up sets, especially, as well as of his energy-saving tips. Still, overtraining should not be seen as usual, but as “dominating your own training”, as the man put it. Mike Rashid earned his fame not only through his unique and intriguing approach, but also through his way of interacting with people interested in his methods. He also tapped into the matter of the subconscious mind and harnessed its power to inspire spectacular gains.

CT Fletcher


He is often seen along Mike Rashid offering weightlifting and fitness motivation on YouTube. Not only that he shocks through muscle volume, but he is also fun to watch and definitely has a catchy channel. His non-conventional style earned him many followers quickly and they got to see him as the most intense bodybuilder. Besides his image, he’s surely got his attitude, which is rather unique in the world of bodybuilding. With his ‘gangsta’ style he is exposing some of the industry biggest frauds, which makes people keeping interest in his channel.

These bodybuilders are considered ‘influencers’ because they know not only what tips to give, but also how to give them, how to convince people to keep going and find what truly works for them. Ultimately, they also came up with a different method to succeed.

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