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Bodybuilding Bulking For Fat People


We were never designed to be fat. It has been a consequence of growing conveniences that first started when agriculture was first invented. While some people are genetically predisposed to putting on weight, the fat can be lost with conscious effort. Dieting works, but in isolation, it has a very trivial success rate.

Building muscle will elevate your metabolism, converting your body into a furnace that burns calories (read fat) during a state of rest. This is to say bulking is a good thing if you are fat. Eventually, it will set you on the path to leanness if you stay committed to the training.

Why Bulking?

Bulking results in the most significant gains in bone and muscle tissue. Since muscle tissue is most efficient at using calories up, the more of it you can build up, the better. Bone density increases to be able to accommodate the new muscle built.

Bulking will improve your posture. Your back will have that nice arch, your shoulders will stop drooping and your chest will stick out. As you lose body fat, a muscular physique will be left in its wake. This result is way more attractive than simple dieting which leaves you with little muscle tone.

Subduing your calorie intake should not be your primary goal. While it is recommended that you make healthier food choices (such as switching from simple to complex carbohydrates), your calorie intake can remain somewhat constant, assuming of course, that it is not beyond reason. Your body will utilize more and more calories as time passes. Eventually, you will be burning more calories than you eat. The difference will be compensated by your stored body fat which the body will enthusiastically break down to satisfy its energy demands.

As a guide, eat at maintenance. Ensure your protein intake is adequate, and that healthy fats feature in your diet.

Train 4-5 Days A Week

It matters what kind of training program you take up, and the frequency of your training. Ideally, you should be hitting the weights no less than four times a week. You should concentrate on compound movements, as they recruit more muscle groups at once. HIIT training is also encouraged.

Before you start your program, work on improving your range of motion first. Being fat undermines your flexibility, so if you can work on that first, it will make training easier, and will forestall injury.

If you really want that dramatic transformation from fat to muscular, take the road less travelled and bulk your way to your dream physique.

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