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Bodybuilding Federations Explained


The number of bodybuilding federations is astonishing, and can be confusing for someone who is just getting started. These federations exist to give careers to men and women of fitness. They establish standards and define what bodybuilding success at each level is. They lend a lot of professionalism to fitness competitions, and help athletes make fruitful careers of this often underappreciated sport. Joining the federations is not very difficult, but a lot is involved before you can break free from the ordinary and become a contender.



The National Physique Committee is the league for amateurs. It endows them with the chance of becoming a professional. It is a huge competition that tries to be as inclusive as possible.



The International Federation for Bodybuilding is perhaps the most iconic one there is. Established by Ben and Joe Weider, it is unarguably the most important federation of all time. It is home to the Olympia, and earning an IFBB pro card is one of the biggest successes of bodybuilding. The Federation is also home to the Arnold Classics that are spread throughout the world. While it attracts the elite, amateurs need not shy away as their participation is included in some of the competitions it oversees.


North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation was formed to offer natural bodybuilders a fair stage to compete. With a strong ethic that discourages any performance enhancing substances, the NANBF evens the stage for all competitors. You can learn more about what is allowed and what isn’t at http://nanbf.org/



Easily one of the more recognizable names in the list, MuscleMania attracts some of the best and most aesthetic physiques from across the continental divides. It is one of the elites and the novices who have crafted a physique worthy of praise.



The National Gym Association is a popular known natural bodybuilding organization that seeks to further the ambitions of natural athletes. Regarded as the biggest promoter of the trend in the industry, the NGA regulates and promotes all natural bodybuilding contests all across the globe.



An organization started by athletes, for athletes, is what this organization is defined as. The World Beauty and Fitness Fashion is a classy show that boasts such a wide following. The athletes that participate in the competitions have extremely stunning physiques. They trade the size for shape and symmetry. The aesthetics of these physiques, in both the male and female categories, showcase what is within the realm of possibility, when mass is not the end goal.



The Canadian Bodybuilding Federation is the body that oversees all the competition surrounding amateur, fitness and figure competitions in the North American Country. Such an esteemed role means the body maintains high standards, despite the fact that it encourages beginners to compete. It sets a stage for bodybuilders to jump into the national and international limelight, and it stages shows regularly enough to keep the spirit of competitive bodybuilding alive.

Other federations include Super Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness (SNBF) http://www.snbf.com/, United States Bodybuilding Federation (USBF) http://usbf.net/, and Organization for Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB) http://ocbonline.com/.

While local Singapore federation includes Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (SFBF) http://www.sfbf.org.sg/, NABBA Singapore http://www.nabbawffsingapore.com/ and Bodybuilding Singapore | Fitness Movement League http://fmleague.co/bbsg/.

There are those bodybuilders who never participate in any competitions, claiming that their fitness is not for show, but rather, a fulfillment of a deeply personal goal. While we cannot fault their beliefs, we can neither underplay the role these federations play. They offer up a stage for someone who would like to pursue a fitness life professionally. They bring communities together and offer rewards, which are sometimes enormous.

If your fitness journey is only beginning, you might find that a bodybuilding federation is exactly what you will need to elevate your career.

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