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Bodybuilding Friendly Foods That Can Ruin Your Muscle Gains


The importance of watching your diet when you have committed to bodybuilding need not be reiterated. For all the hard work you put in the weight room, being indiscriminate with your food choices will put a burden on your progress. While the higher metabolism and the higher calorie needs a bodybuilder has might allow them to eat more, the specific rations really matter.

Some provisions will do little to guide you towards your goal. Others will make you deviate from them completely. Here are the assumed ‘friendly foods’ that can ruin what you are training so hard for.

Fruit Juice


It is said that the best way to eat your fruit is whole. This recommendation is not without reason. Whole fruits contain fiber which helps mitigate the rate at which the fruit is digested. So even if the fruit is rich in sugar, it does not dramatically upset your glucose balance.

The same cannot be said of fruit juice. It overwhelms your system with the simple sugars and causes an undesired insulin spike. Instead of reaching for the blender each time you want to enjoy some of nature’s bounties, reach for a bowl instead, and make it into a salad.

Salad Dressing


The best salad will always be the one that you prepare yourself. There is a plethora of salad dressings that can help you in your muscle building quest. Unfortunately there are also those that can keep you from it.

The creamy salad dressing served in commercial establishments, particularly fast food places are very calorie dense. These will take you over and above your daily calorific requirements and lead you into the land of excesses, which is also the land of fat. The wise bodybuilder is the one who seeks out his own salad dressing.

Deli Meat


We can all agree that meat is good. The abundance of amino acids it serves helps a bodybuilder preserve their lean muscle. Deli meat on the other hand, is simply abysmal. It is akin to a meat substitute because it contains many harmful ingredients that might harm your health. It also contains an abundance of saturated fats and salts, and this will deter you from making quality muscle gains.

Fast Food Salads


This offender needs its own entry. Fast food places mean well. With their salad offerings, they help their overweight customers feel like they are making an effort by eating some vegetables. But bodybuilders are a discerning lot and cannot fall for this imprudent advertising. Fast food salads are served with cream-based dressings. You get almost as many calories as you would eat something off the menu. Avoid these salads if you ever want to build a worthy physique.



Yogurt is kind of an outlier in this list. On one hand, it is vilified because when flavored, it contains many sugars and calories. On the other, it is famed for its calcium richness, its probiotic properties and its high quality protein. The best yogurt is the plain, low-fat kind, which is unflavored. Only this version is good for muscle building.

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