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Can Bodybuilding Help My Libido?


You may have heard it at the gym – it’s common ‘bro talk’ to say that bodybuilding increases the libido. Is it more than that, though? Could this be for real or is it more like a placebo effect of hard training and feeling more ‘manly’?

The need of moving in sedentary lifestyle to increase libido

To start with, if you’ve been living a sedentary life, then any form of sports will increase your libido. This is because moving is absolutely essential to our health. Being sedentary has a tremendous impact on our hormone production and health. Your body stops producing enough of what it needs. A frequent consequence is experiencing depression, which affects the libido, too. This ailment is too frequently found in sedentary people. As soon as you fix that issue and you start doing sports, you begin to feel differently. Depression is eased and you can taste life again. It feels like you’re renewed. Therefore, it’s normal for your libido to come back to life.

Increasing libido with bodybuilding

With bodybuilding or resistance training, you may experience even more of a surge. Athletes who take testosterone boosting supplements definitely enhance their libidos. Testosterone is the main male hormone, responsible with muscular growth and strength, not just with desire and sexual performance. Strength training and hypertrophy boost hormone release, along with many other processes within the body. For high testosterone, it is also important to have a good diet. Junk food will weight your body down and can severely interfere with hormonal production.

Compound exercise is known to increase testosterone, thus also improving your sex drive. Be careful though, Too much of it could be a bad thing. It’s wise to know when to stop. Don’t use up all your energy. Frequently, low testosterone is listed as one of the dangers of overtraining. Exercising too much and too hard will leave you feeling drained and deplete your male hormones for the day.

Here are a few additional tips for boosting testosterone levels and increasing the libido:

  • Rest for short intervals only – for 30-60 seconds, that is.
  • Work out at moderate-high volume.
  • Focus on exercises for large muscle groups.
  • Avoid anabolic or steroid supplements.

Also, it has been noticed that certain stimulants can ruin one’s sex drive. Because not all men react the same way, it is advised to test the different products and see how one reacts.

In many situations, hard training males notice they’re not up for the bedroom during the hours following their gym sessions. This is considered a normal reaction. Once you’ve returned from the gym, the body is seriously stressed and needs a few to several hours to repair itself. During this time, it will use its resources on that matter and prioritize what’s essential. It means that your libido will be out of the question. Better wait until you’re recovered if you wish to perform well.

A scientific study claims that one bout alone of short but intense exercise, be it aerobic or anaerobic, can boost testosterone levels. Prolonged training can make it soar, then plummet. However, this should not have a long-lasting effect on the libido, nor should it affect fertility in any way.

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