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Bodybuilding Lies


It’s astounding to see how many lies are being passed from one person to another in gyms worldwide, as in the professional bodybuilding world. If you are hearing these, you may need to question their validity and remember the reality they’re trying to cover.

“Quantity training is the only kind of training that works”

In fact, it’s the quality of your efforts that matter. We will also get into the matter of overtraining. Going for a really intense workout is the only way to take your body to the next level. You don’t have to be living in the gym. One daily session is enough if you do it right. Maximize each set and make every bit be productive. Hence quality is needed over quantity.

“If you do things right, you will always get big”

Not true, there are different body types and that can’t be changed so easily. Naturally thin people cannot bulk up in a short while no matter what they do, but they can build muscle over time. Don’t expect to get to a spectacular size if you are one of the thin, hard gaining ones. Stuffing yourself may eventually get you fat, but not ripped.

“Supplements can help you have an IFBB pro body”

It’s the performance enhancing drugs that help you obtain that, not the supplements, which are very different. Anyone these days takes supplements of various kinds, but it takes a lot more (and very different formulations) to boost muscle mass. Sure thing, a good diet along with supplementing can help build muscle naturally, but you can never grow that big without steroid formulas and similar innovations. When opting for the all-natural way, it will take years to get ripped and you will most likely barely reach 180 pounds.

“Overtraining is going to ruin your efforts”

Many bodybuilders don’t push their muscles enough to avoid exhaustion and other negative consequences of overtraining. What is really to be feared here is not assisting the body in its recovery. All serious training will call for recovery. Therefore, you must ensure proper feeding and rest time. Take a look at what all legendary bodybuilding pros have to say – they all insist on very intense training, on challenging one’s limits. It is not about crippling yourself, though. Bad overtraining is when your efforts are not smart and it feels more like punishing your body and making it hurt instead of challenging it.

“There is only one dogma that will help you succeed”

Although many big ones say this frequently, they’re only relying on a personal set of rules. These represent what works best for them. They may swear that this superset and that approach and that protein shake are the absolute best, but it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. You neither have to understand every bit of science behind muscle growth to grow your muscular mass, nor have to adhere to a specific set of rules that one considers to be the only magical recipe.

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