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Bodybuilding Mass Monsters


Bodybuilding is a commitment for many years, even for tens of years for those who want to reach the highest levels. It is about proper, consistent and persistent training, and not about ingesting all the latest concentrated mass building shakes and protein powders.

It’s a sad truth that these days athletes prefer to rely on protein-rich nutrition and power shakes to crate lean muscle instead of hitting the gym more. This trend has also led to creating a significant difference in looks. In the past, the bodybuilding mass monsters used to have a much more attractive and motivating figure than those in present times. Perhaps it is time to turn again to the 70’s and 80’s bodybuilding idols for some lessons.

However, we can also have a look at some of today’s biggest bodybuilders who are tributary to those professionals in the past and their classic methods.

Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay

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Egypt’s bodybuilding superstar was at 286lbs in 2012, when crowned as champion. His secret is “simply hard work”, he says. Also, his training moves are simple; he just sticks to the basics and doesn’t go into sophisticated workouts.

Markus Ruhl

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The German Markus Ruhl comes with his trademark size. Concerning his approach, he claims it’s unavoidable if you want to augment your muscles. He also advocated for simple, basic exercises, but advises to opt for the heaviest weights you can handle. 8-12 reps are enough to get you pumped if those weights are big. It’s important to insist on one main type of exercise for each body part, one that truly works for you.

Dorian Yates

Mr Yates and his legendary back have a very simple secret, too: the high intensity training. One session a day is sufficient if you give your absolute best. Moreover, he insists on Hammer pulldowns and Nautilus pullovers for increased width of the back. His method is making use of maximum weights, too. As for the meals, he tells us not to load on many carbs before a workout, because this is going to have the opposite of the expected effect.

Nasser El Sonbaty

Nasser El Sonbaty was part of the 90’s explosion of superstar bodybuilders. Part of this ‘mass monster’ era, he used to outshine his competition thanks to his well-balanced physique. He would never overwork a specific muscle set and he knew which muscles respond to volume training and which to intensity. This meant clever training that would save him time and energy.

Both the easy and the hard gainers must learn from professionals like these once they’ve decided this is the path to go on. It is important to not see bodybuilding as a chemical experiment (with hormones, proteins, etc.) but a simple ongoing effort of strengthening the muscles.

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