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3 Bodybuilding Movies You’ll Regret Not Watching!


Let’s admit it, it feels great when you can watch a movie that is all about your passion – bodybuilding. It’s entertainment and inspiration mixed with your regular “gym job”, to say so. By this moment you may be tired of the classics that everyone knows, however, as the list is now overplayed. Here are three relatively new additions that you will not go wrong with and are well worth your attention:

Generation Iron 2 (2017)

Yes, it’s got Arnold Schwarzenegger in it and it’s also about Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, Martyn Ford, Rich Piana, Calum von Moger and many more. The bodybuilders are being followed throughout their efforts to enter the competing scene and achieve success. The first movie was remarkable and this one doesn’t fall short of it, luckily. See them in their quest for the ultimate body, in maddening competitions that take everything to a higher level than what you’ve seen before. These are the mass monsters the modern generations love. It is a totally new take compared to the classic model but nevertheless, fun to watch.

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CT Fletcher My Magnificent Obsession (2015)

This one has the same producers as Generation Iron but focuses only one one-story alone: that of CT Fletcher. It is a sports documentary that also features stars, like Mike Rashid and Bill Goldberg. Fletcher is known for his Bench Press champion title, for his drug-free physique and motivational skill. Carrying out strict curls with 102 kg and bench presses with as much as 295 kg in his peak shape, the athlete reveals his life and efforts in this recent production. He has a lot to tell about, from a rough childhood to very bad diets and early health problems, including a heart condition that required surgery.

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Born Strong (2017)

This production is about the four strongest men on the planet and they all compete to get the supreme title. Their weight is colossal and so is their might. Watch them go through the Arnold Strongman Classic: you will find Hafthor Bjornsson, Eddie Hall, Zydrunas Savickas and Brian Shaw. All of them are proven champions, with the exception of the younger Eddie Hall, the newcomer hungry for power, competing against them. Their clash is as expected: spectacular and full of drama.

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If you are looking for tips and facts, watching a documentary movie about your favorite athletes may be a great way to enhance your own bodybuilding know-how, since it’s much more reliable to hear straight from the source and to memorize the information this way.

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