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Bodybuilding Rich List


A lot of bodybuilders are famous, legendary even, for their qualities, training methods, and contest results. With differences among them, would it be possible to make a chart and figure out who’s number one? The picks are usually subjective and no consensus can be reached. Thus, the best way to figure out is perhaps to look at how much cash they make.

Therefore, who has the biggest net worth? See below the top 10 bodybuilders with their estimated value, in reverse order:

  1. Mike O’Hearn: $3 million

    Professional athlete, but also model and actor, Mike O’Hearn graces more than 500 international magazine covers. For 7 years he was chosen the best fitness model and earned more fame as Mr. Natural for four times. He founded the Power Building training program and appeared in numerous movies.

  2. Dorian Yates: $4 million

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    He earned the Mr. Olympia crown for 6 consecutive years, performed as a model and collaborated with supplement brands. The videos he released as well as the books have increased his cash flow.

  3. Phil Heath: $5 million

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    A recurring winner of Mr. Olympia, he also created Gift Nutrition and was the first of all pro bodybuilders to start a venture like this. Add his hundreds of deals with fitness magazines and the DVDs and you get a bodybuilding powerhouse that keeps on going.

  4. Dexter Jackson: $7 million

    Not just a professional competitor, but also the star of a documentary and of various fitness magazines, Dexter Jackson knows this business very well. He entered the competition world in 1992 and even to this day he keeps on winning titles. Out of a total of 78 contests, he won no less than 25!

  5. Gary Strydom: $8 million

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    An IFBB professional bodybuilder, he stopped competing many years ago, yet still gets to climb high enough in this chart, thanks to his four titles and to the major victories he had.

  6. Ronnie Coleman: $10 million

    Enjoying huge levels of popularity, the record holding bodybuilder has been extremely successful in competitions: 26 victories in IFBF and 8 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles, to name the most important achievements. Add 8 Sandow prizes plus sponsorships and it becomes easy to see where the money comes from.

  7. Jay Cutler: $30 million

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    Four times Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler has created a strong brand for himself, which involved him in countless money-making campaigns and enjoyed success with his line of supplements, Cutler Nutrition.

  8. Joe Weider and Triple H: $35 million

    Pro bodybuilder and wrestler, Triple H started training at 14 and winning big on a constant basis. His live events, Talent vice president job and various ventures brought him a fortune. Some claim it’s less than $35 million, but not all sources agree. Joe Weider stands at the same level, but thanks to the many top competitions and bodybuilding magazines he has founded (Mr. Olympia included).

  9. Rich Gaspari: $90 million

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    It may come as a huge surprise that someone so close to #1 in this chart has never won a Mr. Olympia title and isn’t really popular. Yet, Rich Gaspari succeeded as a supplement brand owner – Gaspari Nutrition.

  10. Arnold Schwarzenegger: $300 million

    This sport’s biggest superstar was seven times Mr. Olympia, acted in movies and was California’s Governor. In fact, his acting career is still going and the fame and earnings surely won’t stop here.

  11. It takes more than intense and committed training to make it to the list of the richest bodybuilders. As you may see, all of the ones presented here also make proof of entrepreneurial spirit and talents they monetized accordingly. It is a matter of image and popularity. Besides, it counts how much one gives to the public.

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