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Bodybuilding Singapore Interview – Azimah Azmi


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Name: Azimah Azmi

Height: 170cm

Age as of 2015: 21

Weight OFF-season: 64kg

Competition weight: 60kg

Years of Training: 3

Occupation: Personal Trainer at Pure Fitness

Contest History:

  • NutriGirl 2014 – 2nd Runner Up
  • Singapore Bodybuilding National Championships 2014 :
    • Model Physique above 165cm – 1st Runner Up
  • WBPF National Bodybuilding Championships 2015:
    • Model Physique Opens – 2nd Runner Up
    • Model Physique Above 165cm – Champion
    • Ms Model Physique Singapore – Overall Champion


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Social media & websites:

Instagram: @muskelkat

Facebook: fb.com/azimahazmifitness

Website: azimahazmisg.weebly.com

You can contact Azimah at azimahazmi.fitness@gmail.com for personal training

Below is an extract of the interview

Q) You’re Instagram famous, what does your handle muskelkat means?

    Instagram famous? No way! Muskelkat was the product of a series of random thoughts while trying to come up with a cute screen name just for laughs.

    So, I used to confuse pronouncing “muscle” when I was a kid and used to get teased for that.. And if there were an animal I could very well relate to and be represented by, I’d a be a cat. Pieced those things together and.. boom, @muskelkat!

    Oh apparently “muskelkater” is a word in German for muscle soreness or something. So I guess it stuck cause it just works! Haha

Q) How did you get started into fitness?

    My dad has been a fitness professional since before I was even born, so I was raised in an environment where fitness has always been an essential part of my lifestyle.

    However, growing up, I’ve weaved in and out of fitness from time-to-time, but 2 years ago I decided to take it more seriously while I was recovering from an eating disorder and depression that was practically killing me from the inside.

    It was a leap of faith I needed to save my life.

Q) What are your current training splits, or program?

    I train twice a day (if I can) and follow a 7-part programme of which I decide on which muscles to work on based on what I feel:

    1. Lower body strength/ Hyperthrophy work
    2. Lower body metcon
    3. Upper body strength/ Hyperthrophy work
    4. Upper body metcon
    5. Core strength + Sprints
    6. Whole body explosive work
    7. REST

    But this may vary time to time, depending on how my body is feeling and whether I’ve recovered adequately on a day-to-day basis. I always stick to my belief that listening to your body always comes first, before any training/diet programme.

Q) Has your training philosophy changed through the years?

    Not at all. It has always been about getting sh*t done and kicking ass at it.

Q) Do you train/diet during Ramadan, and how do you go about doing so if you do.

    Of course! Ramadhan’s the best time to discipline yourself in terms of training and dieting.

    It’s easy.

    0500 – Predawn meal : 5 whole eggs + a serving of complex carbs (oatmeal/muesli/brown rice)

    0600- 1400 Prep for work, do some work, get to work, work some more (may/may not get in at least 30 minutes of cardio in between)

    1400 – 1700 – “Break” where I usually rest or get on the foam roller if I’m not busy with clients

    1700-1800 – Preferred training slot during Ramadhan, if I’m not occupied by clients

    1800-2000 – Work + Breaking fast (I have a light meal with simple carbs and protein because I usually train right after)

    2000 – 2100 – Training

    2100 onwards – More food and all the rest!

Q) Care to share your maximum benchpress, overhead press, deadlift and squats?


    Benchpress – 62.5kg

    OHP – 40kg

    DL- 125kg

    Squats – 120kg

Q) Your top 3 favourite exercise and why?

    Squats – To build da booty

    Deadlifts – Booty needs a strong lower back to go with it

    Double-unders – It looks and feels pretty badass

    But all three exercises give me more of a kick when I include them in my trainings.

Q) What’s your diet like these days (Non-Ramadan period)?

    It’s 80% clean and 20% whatever-the-hell-I-want-because-I-can. Haha, I gotta live right?

    I always stay away from processed food as much as I can, only interested in REAL food. So I stick to my meat, veg, and good carbs… The “unclean” bit mostly comes from chocolate and ice cream.

Q) What is your favourite clean meal?

    Just a thick and juicy steak with a dash of pepper. Simple.

Q) What is your favourite cheat meal?

    Lots and lots of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s

Q) Do you believe in staying lean all year round or are you into bulk/cut?

    I believe I want to look my best all year round, so I only get a little extra freaky during competitions.

Q) Is there any upcoming contest you’re preparing for?

    I’ve got some in mind but haven’t fully committed to them yet. Currently tied with work and getting stronger!

Q) Your thoughts on cardio? How to achieve the right balance with muscle building.

    I think it’s always about finding that sweet spot in terms of how much of this and that works the best with your body. Like I said, it’s essential to listen to your body. As long as you’re not putting too much stress on your body and overtraining, I think a 30-45 minute cardio session or a HIIT/Metcon session every now and then would do the trick.

Q) What supplements do you use and recommend?

    I normally don’t buy into the whole fancy supplement mumbo jumbo but I admit certain things do help me a lot, and they’re usually just the most important. Multivitamins, BCAA capsules, Glutamine, Whey Protein and Fish oils. That’s just it. I don’t even take preworkout supplements because you can get the energy from workouts from actual food!

Q) What advice would you give for someone who is new to fitness?

    I would say congratulations, for taking a step into changing your life forever. Know that every step forward, no matter how small, is a step towards a better you. So whatever it is, keep going. There’s no finish line, it’s the journey that matters most. You will learn to love fitness as a lifestyle.

Q) Have you ever thought of doing strength competition? You’re a big girl, in a good way, you’ve the height and strong frame.

    Of course. That’s why I’m working towards getting stronger :P

Q) How do you stay motivated?

    How do I not? Working as a personal trainer, doing what I’m absolutely passionate about, I get inspired every day by the people around me who are committed to create better, healthier and fitter versions of themselves. It reminds me that I’ve always got something to work on; “plateauing” is never an option in any circumstances ever.

Q) Aside from fitness, do you have any other hobbies?

    I rollerskate from time to time and I’ve also recently started learning BJJ. But that’s also physical. So I’ll just have you know that I’m a big bookworm, movie buff and introvert (I enjoy alone time by the beach or indoors watching Quentin Tarantino or Wes Anderson movies).

Q) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    I’d still be in the fitness industry, still kicking ass, and inspiring others to be kick-ass too… Maybe I’ll throw in joining more competitions too, hopefully do well in them too.


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Photos published courtesy and with permission from Azimah Azmi.

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