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Bodybuilding tips for skinny guys


For most people, the battle with weight is to lose it. But those with an ectomorph build know all too well how gaining it is as much a struggle. It’s easy to put on fat, but lean muscle requires sacrifice and a huge commitment. Results are not immediately forthcoming, but you have to stay the path before changes become readily visible. For the skinny guys, here are a few tips to get you started.

Do some homework

Going into the gym without an idea of any range of exercises, movements or equipment will easily discourage you. That is why, as a start, you should go through a few resources to acclimatize yourself with the gym equipment. Remember, this learning is continuous. There will always be something new to learn.

Gear yourself for success

Gear yourself literally. Spend a little on a good pair of shoes, some weightlifting gloves, and some breathable fabrics. Busted calluses can be discouraging, and having the right gear will forestall that.

Create a program and stick to it

As a beginner, find a beginner program and abide by it. When starting off, the goal is to introduce your muscular and nervous systems to exercise. You have to put yourself through this learning process first before you can start seeing results.

Challenge yourself

The truth is, when starting out, lifting hurts. Delayed onset muscle soreness is very demotivating, but you should understand that eventually, it will stop being a problem, or it will be less of one. When you reach this point, start increasing your loads. The secret to bodybuilding is to progressively increase how much weight you lift.

Your diet

The battle for weight gain is fought in the gym, but won in the kitchen. All your food choices should be conscious ones. Don’t jump into using supplements until your diet can’t cover your nutritional needs. You have to eat big though. Your initial target should be 4-6 meals a day with constant hydration. Know that your portions will increase with time, so don’t pressure yourself into eating too much too soon. All unhealthy foods must be forgotten. You will earn your cheats down the line.

Consistency is key

Like everything else in life, to go from strength to strength, you have to put in the work every day. As a skinny guy you have an uphill task. At the very least you have to put in 4 days of exercise each day, and then with increasing strength and confidence, increase this to 6.

Don’t forget the cardio

Cardiovascular exercise might seem self-defeating because you are trying to put on weight, but don’t disregard it. You need a strong heart to pump blood to all those muscles you will build and cardio will get you that.


Your body will need the recovery time, so sleep should be as much a priority. Your time in front of a screen should be reduced because it encourages mindless eating.
The above are only a few tips, but they should put you on the right path.

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