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Bodybuilding Tips – Sip BCAA’s throughout the day


Modern bodybuilding is connected to countless recent discoveries and to so many names of substances and supplements. BCAAs refer to a supplement that goes along with whole foods in the diet of a bodybuilder. These are the building blocks of protein and are known as amino acids.

The name stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids because of the branched structure of these particular amino acids. There’s one more aspects that separate this group from the rest: it’s the metabolism. Instead of the liver, it’s actually the muscle that processes these.

Let’s analyze their benefits in depth and discuss the best practices because the bodybuilding community is full of rumors concerning how to take or not take the BCAAs. To sort out the facts, it is important to understand what BCAAs are and what their action is.

Why the Body Needs BCAAs?

These special amino acids, once ingested and metabolized, work as energy that fuel protein production inside the body. Also, as mentioned, these don’t load the liver. About 1/3 of the body’s musculature is made of BCAAs and that’s a highly relevant quantity. However, the body does not create such amino acids by itself. It takes them from food and, naturally, individuals pushing for impressive volume are in need of a bigger supply.

BCAAs are not hard onto your system. They are digested almost instantly and you get to reap the benefits immediately.

The Best BCAA Practices

BCAA supplementation is excellent for athletes involved in constant endurance trainings. Products containing BCAAs are best used while cutting, preferably before and after the cardio sessions. These also work with regular training, too. It actually doesn’t matter too much which kind of workout it is. The timing is important and one should stick to this rule because BCAAs prevent muscle breakdown and help the tissue repair itself if damaged.

BCAAs also go well with meals which don’t contain such amino acids. If you can afford it (such supplements tend to be expensive), you may as well sip BCAAs throughout the day, but never ignore those important moments we mentioned. “More is better” does apply here. The less protein you get from food, the more you should supplement through these.

Start with a quantity of 0.2 g per kg of body weight. You may gradually increase that. So far, no one has noticed these would be “too much”. Remind yourself to drink a lot of water when the protein intake is high.

Get yourself supplements containing:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

For example, supplements with whey protein contain these BCAAs. Aim to buy products with high Leucine content. There are nicely flavored formulas on the market, but you may also create your own mixes with whichever juice you may find suitable.

There is no lie about the BCAAs, these really do their jobs and are important in getting bodybuilders bigger and better. Amino acids maintain the muscles and are a precious aid to their growth. An equally important effect is that they prevent and diminish fatigue, thus enabling you to sustain longer, more intense workouts.

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