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Bodybuilding With Diabetes


Diabetes means abnormal (too low or too high) blood sugar levels. It’s a condition in which your metabolic processes can no longer control glucose and the way it is used. Because diabetes causes weigh gain (but also occurs in apparently healthy young people), it’s only normal to wonder if one could pursue a bodybuilding goal when having this condition.

Is It Possible?

Inactivity is actually one of the main factors that contribute to diabetes onset. It’s good to become active, because this will actually help your body become more tolerant to carbohydrates, and these have a tremendous role in diabetes. It’s hard to avoid eating carbs, but sadly these cause blood sugar surges. It’s time to go online and read as much as you can about the topic: with proper physical activity, your body can even heal itself of diabetes, as many have testified.

Supplements for Diabetic Bodybuilders

Diabetic-friendly powder supplements represent your way to ripped muscle. Carefully read the label and find those energy shakes and protein powders that don’t contain carbs or sugar. Many specialized brands have formulated special powders for diabetic people. They also have gluten-free or vegan versions. Multivitamins, fish oil, whey protein, BCAA and Glutamine have yielded amazing results.

Rules for a Healthy Workout

Pay attention to meal times and frequency. Schedule your training sessions at specific times and work your meals around these. Thus, you will have a very well organized schedule and such discipline helps fight against diabetes. Don’t load too many carbs before workouts, thinking that your muscles will absorb them all. Also, do not eliminate these completely.

Recommended Types of Workout

  • Cardio training or aerobic (could be cycling or a brisk walk)
  • Resistance training
  • Strength building exercises
  • Weight bearing workouts for stronger muscles and endurance

Tips for Better Meals

When you eat carbs, have them at breakfast. Have about 200-300 g protein throughout the day. Helpful foods are: Greek yogurt, oatmeal, egg whites, fruits (but only a few), tuna, tomato, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, all kinds of nuts and vegetables.

Note that, as you withdraw from sugar and carbs, you will go through typical withdrawal symptoms. This is because those act just like drugs to your body. A good workout regimen, however, will make you focused on different kind of foods.

Cushion Your Feet

If your diabetes is already giving you foot pain, order a pair of (custom or standard) shoe insoles. There are special ones to ease diabetic pain through a much better cushioning of the shoe. This will help you stay active for longer.

When you have diabetes, the ‘benefits’ of bodybuilding are tremendous. It will decrease your body weight, will promote better blood glucose control and will store carbohydrates more efficiently.

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